Veteran Testimonials

  • Robert W. Fails

    Robert W. Fails

    E-8, United States Army | Active 1950-1953, Reserve 1954-1988
    My Fathers only complaint about his military service was, he got old and they asked his to resign. But he understood that made space for a younger man to advance. He was proud of his service, and I am proud of him. Deceased 2008
  • Francis Clover

    Francis Clover

    United States Marine Corps
  • William Sherwood Oda

    William Sherwood Oda

    Private 1st Class (Medic), Army | 1956-58
    Troy, Ohio
    My father-in-law just passed on Jan. 26, 2019. He was so looking forward to voting on May 7th. I will be voting in his honor on that day. We love you and miss you, dad!!
  • Donald R. Hensley

    Donald R. Hensley

    Air Force
    Donald served six years in the Air Force and is very proud of that.
  • Kenneth A Crosby Sr

    Kenneth A Crosby Sr

    Not Sure, Army | Not Sure
    Hilliard Ohio
    My father is not deceased and I would like to vote in honor oh him. He was a Vietnam Veteran and was very proud to serve. He passed away Christmas morning 2015 at home with my family. He is very loved and missed and this would mean so much to him.
  • Kenneth Crosby

    Kenneth Crosby

    Hilliard Ohio
    I would like to vote in honor of my father. He was a Vietnam Veteran. He passed away December 25 2015 This would mean so much to him!
  • Fredrick R Shively

    Fredrick R Shively

    SFC (T), Army | June 25, 1950 to August 7, 1953
    Pop served during the Korean War in battles at Pork Chop Hill, Old Baldy, and The T-Bone. Each time I vote, I honor the men and women who have sacrificed to ensure my right to vote.
  • James N. Wohlgemuth

    James N. Wohlgemuth

    Blairstown, NJ
  • Jason Hanneman

    Jason Hanneman

    Army National Guard
    Ashville, Ohio
    My little brother isn't so little anymore. He has become a selfless young man and my hero.
  • Frank Houlehan

    Frank Houlehan

    Unknown, Army | Unknown
    Cleveland oh

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