Veteran Testimonials

  • Frank Houlehan

    Frank Houlehan

    Unknown, Army | Unknown
    Cleveland oh
  • Frank LaRose

    Frank LaRose

    Sergeant First Class, United States Army | 1998-2007
    Frank LaRose is such a great man, he served his country for many years in uniform and now he is serving his state in a suit and tie at the Statehouse.
  • Ben D. Woods

    Ben D. Woods

    United States Air Force
    Jackson County, Kentucky
  • Nicholas Barber

    Nicholas Barber

    Specialist, Army | currently serving
    I am so proud that my son is willing to protect, defend and serve our country.
  • Russell F.Marx

    Russell F.Marx

    Captain, Army Ordnance Corp | 1965-1970
    Columbus Ohio
    He served in The Republic of Korea, and Thailand, graduate of The Ohio State University Reserve Officer Training Program.
  • George F. Rruff

    George F. Rruff

    Lt Col/O-5, USAF | 1941 - 1965
    Redlands, CA
    My father was completely dedicated to our country. He served 24 years, through WWII and the Korean War. He instilled in us his love and loyalty for the US, pride in our servicemen and servicewomen, and the desire to give back in service to our wonderful country. With his encouragement and blessing my brother served in the USMC during Vietnam and I proudly served 24 years in the USAF during Vietnam and the Gulf Wars. The examples he set daily by molded our thoughts and actions. There could have been no more inspiring an individual than my father.
  • Frances  Whitehurst

    Frances Whitehurst

    KIA 1942 France, Army
    Phila. PA
  • Robert M. Alder

    Robert M. Alder

    Tech 5, Army | 1942-1945
    Phila. PA
  • Robert M. Alder

    Robert M. Alder

  • Williamm R Clark

    Williamm R Clark


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