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There are many opportunities available in Ohio to women-owned businesses. Ohio is committed to promoting the growth of small businesses. It is a great state with many events which allow us to network and meet new clients.


Ellerbee Enterprises, LLC. was founded in 2013 by mother and daughter team, Cynthia Spikes and Courtney Renaye. Ellerbee Enterprises, LLC. provides businesses with tools for day to day operations in the realm of excellent customer service skills, increased employee retention rates, human resources development, and reduction of employee conflict.

Our clients are organizations in both the public and private sectors from a variety of industries. Employers and employees alike develop valuable skills that are put to immediate use, based upon our book, 31 Days Of Positive Living: At Work. Our book is a quick reference guide that provides simple and effective real life solutions to work-related dilemmas.

Our goal is to increase work place team building and productivity while implementing best practices. In doing so, we help to create a vibrant and healthy work place environment.

Companies and organizations benefit from our books and presentations as we deliver every day viable solutions that increase personal awareness and provide tangible and consistent improvement in the work place.


Location: P.O. BOX 17155, Cincinnati, Ohio 45217, Hamilton County
Type of Industry: Human Resources Consultants
Products/Services: 31 Days of Positive Living: At Work (2013 Publication), effective customer service improvement to clients and their employees, building leadership skills in organization, mentoring, and management.
Number of Current Employees:


Year Company Started: 2013
Website: www.CourtneyRenaye.org

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