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Ohioans are hardworking and generous people who support life-affirming non-profit organizations such as ours. Ohio is also on the forefront of healthy relationship education, and Elizabeth's New Life Center is proud to be one of several Ohio non-profits to be awarded public grants promoting healthy marriage and sexual risk avoidance education.


Established in 1989, Elizabeth’s New Life Center is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit agency and a leader in care for fragile families. Elizabeth’s New Life Center specializes in positive solutions and support for unexpected pregnancies, including free pregnancy tests, ultrasound scans, consulting on pregnancy decisions, parenting education, and material assistance. Headquartered in Southwest Ohio’s urban city of Dayton, Elizabeth’s New Life Center serves fragile families through six women’s centers located in four counties, encompassing the Cincinnati-Dayton metro area as well as rural regions. Our largest center is located in Dayton’s inner city, where we also operate a prenatal care center to offer continuity of care to low-income pregnant women. We promote marriage and healthy relationships through our marriage education department, Marriage Works! Ohio, and prevention of unwed pregnancy by delivering in-school sexual risk-avoidance education to area middle and high schools. We serve more than 5,000 unique individuals annually through our women’s centers and thousands more than through our other departments, making Elizabeth’s New Life Center one of the largest pregnancy medical centers in the country.


Location: 359 Forest Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45405, Montgomery County
Type of Industry: Nonprofit
  1. Pregnancy tests and ultrasound scans
  2. Prenatal Care
  3. Healthy Relationship Education
Number of Current Employees: 88
Year Company Started: 1989
 Website: www.ElizabethNewLife.org

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