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We love being a part of Findlay Market, the longest continuously operated market in Ohio. In addition, it’s exciting to source many of our ingredients from local farmers. Cincinnati is a foodie town, and we enjoy meeting so many great chefs, food writers, and people who love discovering new flavors.


Dojo Gelato opened at historic Findlay Market on August 1st, 2009, fulfilling a lifelong dream of owner Michael Christner. Michael wanted to create gelato since 1998, when he first experienced it at a gelateria in Austin, Texas. Prior to opening Dojo, Michael traveled to New York to learn classic gelato production techniques from Italian pastry chefs and, later, attended the renowned Berkey Creameries’ Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State University. Michael creates all of the gelato at the Findlay Market location, daily, for the enjoyment of guests at Dojo, local farmers’ markets, and special events. Dojo Gelato is known for using fresh ingredients and for its creative flavors, such as Porkopolis (maple gelato with candied bacon), Lavender Honey, and Christian Moerlein Stout. Dojo Gelato also serves single-origin coffees and espresso drinks, including the affogato—gelato topped with espresso. Each year, Dojo Gelato donates gelato and a portion of sales to local non-profits and charities such as the Freestore Foodbank, the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center and annual fundraisers for the Corporation for Findlay Market. Dojo Gelato has been named "Best of the City" by Cincinnati Magazine and a “Top 10 Frozen Dessert Retailer in America” by Dessert Professional Magazine.



Location: Findlay Market, 137 Elder Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Hamilton County 
Type of Industry: Frozen dessert retail

Hand-crafted gelato, locally-roasted single origin coffee, catering and special events

Number of Current Employees: 4
Year Company Started: 2009

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