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Amending Notary Information

A notary public is responsible for notifying the Notary Commission Clerk of any changes to his or her name and/or address.

If your name or address has changed since you received your commission, please submit the Application for Amendment of Notary Public Information to:

Notary Commission Clerk
Ohio Secretary of State
PO Box 1658
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1658
Attention: Amendment Form

Notary Commission Amendment Form

Form NameFeeForm #
Application for Amendment $2.00 1402

Important Considerations

  • Print legibly or type your new information on the application. Illegible information will cause the application to be rejected.
  • Please submit a fee (if required).  If you are filing a name change, the fee is $2.00.  You will receive a duplicate commission with your new name after submitting the amendment.  There is no fee to file a change of address or a resignation of commission.  Note:  You will not receive a duplicate commission in the mail after submitting a change of address.  If you need a duplicate commission for any reason, check box number four and submit the $2.00 fee. 
  • Once you receive the revised commission, it must be recorded at the county clerk of the courts of common pleas office (R.C. 147.05 A).
  • If you file a change of address because you are moving to another county, you must record your commission with the clerk of courts of common pleas of the new county (R.C. 147.05 A).
  • When the amendment application is approved, the commission’s current expiration date is not adjusted.