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Public Comment on Draft Administrative Rules

Senate Bill 263 took effect on March 20, 2019 giving our office the authority to draft administrative rules in an effort to implement a new notary process which will take effect on September 20, 2019.  Until that date, the process will remain the same.  Below are draft administrative rules which we will receive public comment for until May 15, 2019.

General Information About Notary Commissions

The Ohio Notary Public Commission maintains records of all commissioned notaries in Ohio. Here you can find information on the duties and requirements of notaries in Ohio, as well as guidelines for newly commissioned notaries public. The office cannot provide legal advice or opinions about how a notary public performs his or her duties. If you have questions about actions by a notary public you must consult with an attorney.

The commission offers an information search for notaries. This search offers details about all commissioned notaries public in the state of Ohio.

Note:  The Notary Commission does not issue or handle apostilles.  For Document Authentication information, click here.

To contact the Ohio Notary Commission:
Telephone: (614) 644-4559 
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