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Libertarian Party of Ohio Secures Minor Party Status

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office today announced that a committee seeking minor party status for the Libertarian Party of Ohio has met the necessary requirements. 

To establish a minor political party in Ohio, the law requires petitioners to submit enough valid signatures of qualified electors that is equal to at least one percent of the total votes cast for either gubernatorial or presidential candidates at the most recent election for such office. The current threshold is 54,964 signatures based on the 2016 presidential general election. Petitioners submitted 102,762 signatures, of which, 60,294 were deemed valid by the respective county boards of elections.

Additionally, as part the overall number, petitioners must also collect at least 500 valid signatures of qualified electors in at least half of the state's congressional districts. The group met this requirement in all of Ohio’s 16 congressional districts. 

Libertarian Party of Ohio candidates can seek office in the upcoming general election this fall. Individuals must submit candidate petitions by July 19 and meet the statutory requirements for newly established minor parties. Candidates for statewide office must collect at least 50 valid signatures, and candidates for all other offices must collect at least five valid signatures.

The 2018 General Election will be held Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Under Ohio law, a newly recognized minor political party’s candidates for governor or presidentmust receive at least three percent of the total vote cast for that office in order to remain a recognized minor political party. If a party’s gubernatorial or presidential candidates are unsuccessful in reaching the three percent threshold in the general election occurring after it files a valid party formation petition, it will no longer be a recognized party.

Additional Information

Establishing a Minor Political Party (EOM, Chapter 13, Page 13-4)

Newly Established Minor Party Candidates Signature Requirements (ORC 3517.012)

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