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Secretary Husted Continues to Protect & Preserve the Integrity of Ohio Elections

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today released the post-general election voter fraud report based on a review of cases by Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections and the Secretary of State’s Office following the 2016 Presidential Election. The report identified 153 irregularities with 52 individuals being referred for additional investigation or prosecution. Of those cases referred, 22 were identified by the Secretary of State’s Office as having voted in Ohio and another state.

“Conducting these reviews of our elections is about finding the facts. We reviewed every reported case of voter suppression and voter fraud and are sharing those facts to inform the discussion on election integrity," Secretary Husted said. “Once again our review shows that while rare, voting fraud does occur. But more importantly, we are holding those accountable who violate our election laws.”

In December 2016, Secretary Husted issued Directive 2016-49, instructing all county boards of elections to review substantiated allegations of voter fraud or voter suppression. This is the third statewide review conducted by Secretary Husted, who compiled similar reports following the 2012 Presidential Election and 2014 Gubernatorial Election.

To date, 820 voting irregularities have been identified by Ohio election officials, of which 336 have been referred to law enforcement for further investigation and possible prosecution. Not a single instance of voter suppression has been reported.

Secretary Husted also provided an update on the status of the investigation into non-citizens registered to vote and those who appear to have voted. As a result to the review being conducted this year, the Secretary of State’s Office has identified 426 non-citizens who were registered to vote in Ohio, 82 of whom appear to have voted in at least one election. As state law requires, those who appear to have cast a ballot have been referred to law enforcement and those registered to vote were contacted by mail and notified to cancel their registration.

To date, 202 individuals have been referred to law enforcement.

“Our work to root out voter fraud and hold people accountable is important because every vote matters,” Secretary Husted. “As we have seen over the past three years with 112 elections decided by one vote or tied, a single vote can change the outcome of an election.”

It should be noted, that in none of the cases identified by the voter fraud report or where a non-citizen was shown to have cast a ballot did it occur in jurisdictions where an election was decided by one vote or tied.

Additional Information:
2016-Post General Election Voter Fraud Report (XLSX)


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