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Husted Convenes Electoral College, 18 Electoral Votes Transmitted to Congress

COLUMBUS–  Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today convened the 54th Electoral College from Ohio, officially assigning victory of the state’s electoral votes to President-Elect Donald J. Trump. This meeting marks the end of the 2016 Presidential Election in the Buckeye State. 

In the General Election held on November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump received 2,841,005, equaling 51.69 percent of the total vote cast in the Presidential race. Pursuant to Section 3505.40 of the Ohio Revised Code, which requires Electoral College Members from Ohio to cast their vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote, Ohio’s 18 electoral votes were cast in favor of Donald J. Trump.  

"Today is a celebration, not just of one person, but a celebration of all of us," Secretary Husted said. "Whether you like the outcome of the election or not, it is an occasion to celebrate freedom, democracy, and the hopefulness that living in a freedom-loving nation provides." 

Each state is entitled to a number of electoral votes equal to the total number of U.S. Representatives to Congress, plus the state’s two U.S. Senators. Based on the most recent federal census, Ohio has 16 Members of Congress, giving the state 18 votes in the Electoral College. 

The Electoral College met in the Senate Chamber inside the Ohio Statehouse. Video footage of the meeting is archived here, provided by the Ohio Channel.

The Members of the Electoral College are elected when their political party or nominating committee’s chosen candidate for President receives a majority of the state’s popular vote. Their names are submitted by their political party or nominating committee. Today’s electors were chosen ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election by the Ohio Republican Party.  

Members of the 2016 Electoral College from Ohio:

District 1: Alex Triantafilou
District 2: Mary Anne Christie
District 3: Cory Schottenstein
District 4: Jim Dicke II
District 5: Cheryl Blakely
District 6: Marilyn Ashcraft
District 7: Rob Scott
District 8: Hon. Richard Jones
District 9: Hon. Tom Coyne
District 10: Judy Westbrock
District 11:  Ralph King
District 12: Leonard Hubert
District 13: Robert Paduchik
District 14: James Wert
District 15: Brian Schottenstein
District 16: Curt Braden
At-Large:    LeeAnn Johnson
At-Large:    Ed Crawford

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