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OHIO: Media Access & Election Observers for 2016 Presidential Election

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today released a fact sheet on Election Observers to assist media outlets in reporting on this appointed position. Observers have existed in Ohio law for decades. See Additional Information below to download the fact sheet.

Media outlets are not official observers, but do have access to polling places. Should your outlet plan to visit a polling place on Election Day, or a County Early Vote Center ahead of the election, the Secretary of State’s Office recommends the following:  

  1. Contact the county board of elections for the location you plan to visit to let them know where you plan to be. You can find a list of the 88 county boards of elections online here.
  2. Upon arrival, connect with the Polling Place Manager to let them know you are with a media outlet and plan to obtain footage of the polling place.
  3. Only conduct interviews outside of the room where voting is taking place as to not disrupt the process.
  4. Follow instructions from the polling place manager on the location to shoot b-roll of people casting ballots so no voter feels as though the secrecy of their ballot is violated.

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