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Secretary Husted’s Statement on SCOTUS Ruling in NEOCH Absentee Ballots Case

COLUMBUS– The United States Supreme Court this evening denied an application for a stay on Ohio’s laws governing the way absentee and provisional ballots are counted following a ruling from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The following may be directly attributed to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted:

“This case has been ongoing in Ohio, taking many forms, under the administration of three Secretaries of State, both Democratic and Republican, and it is time for the chaos and waste of taxpayer money to come to an end. 

“I stated previously that the appellate opinion was a reasonable and workable solution, but it is clear that plaintiffs are interested only in causing last minute confusion.

“With the rules now in place, election officials can continue with the important work of administering a fair and smooth election next week.”

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