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Statement from Secretary Husted on SCOTUS Ruling Regarding Golden Week

COLUMBUS – The Supreme Court of the United States today issued an order in Case Number 16-3561, the Ohio Democratic Party v. Husted in his official capacity as the Ohio Secretary of State, upholding a previous ruling by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The initial suit sought to reverse legislation passed by the Ohio General Assembly setting the start of Ohio’s early voting period as the day after the close of voter registration. The following may be attributed directly to Secretary Husted:

“This issue has been dragged through multiple court rooms over the course of several years and every time, it has been sent back with the same message: Ohio’s laws are fair and constitutional.

“This much is perfectly clear: Ohio is a place where it is easy to vote and hard to cheat. In fact, with voting now slated to begin in less than a month for the November election, Ohio is one of the easiest states in the nation in which to register and cast your ballot.

“Ohioans want an efficient and secure election and it is time for these wasteful lawsuits to end.”





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