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Secretary Husted Praises Ruling from Sixth Circuit on Last Minute Polling Hour Changes

COLUMBUS - The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit today issued a ruling in Case Number 16-3350. The appeal was made by Secretary Husted in response to the last-minute order issued by Judge Susan J. Dlott on the evening of the Presidential Primary Election, which required the polls remain open in just four Southwestern Ohio counties.

“Anonymous tips at the eleventh hour should not be an acceptable standard for making last-minute changes to how we exercise our right to vote,” Secretary Husted added.

The last-minute order has been widely criticized, including by the Editorial Boards of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Columbus Dispatch (both available below).

"When it comes to elections, everyone is expected to follow the law, including federal judges," Secretary Husted added. "This ruling affirms what standards must be met before taking the extreme step of extending voting hours beyond the time when the law says the polls should be closed."

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