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Secretary Husted Responds to Governor Kasich’s Veto of Senate Bill 296

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COLUMBUS – In response to Governor Kasich’s decision to veto Senate Bill 296 today, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted released the following statement:

“In both of the past two major election cycles, Ohioans have had to deal with last minute changes to the state’s election laws after judges have modified the rules, citing only politics, tweets and traffic jams as justification. These decisions came with little to no time for election officials to react, which adds the threat of chaos to otherwise well-run and smooth elections.

“While Senate Bill 296 works to create an appropriate jurisdictional standard for last minute judicial involvement, other parts of the legislation have distracted from that goal. I spoke with the Governor and respect his decision to veto the bill. I will gladly work with him and the legislature to find a way to address last minute changes to our voting laws by state judges”

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