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Husted: Politically-Motivated Lawsuits and Judicial Overreach Cause Election Chaos


COLUMBUS – Today, Federal Judge Algenon Marbley issued a ruling in Case Number 2:06-cv-00896, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless et al v. Husted. Among other things, the ruling directly conflicts with a judgement issued on May 24, 2016 by Federal Judge Michael Watson, of the same federal district court, as both cases include the issues of absentee and provisional ballots. The Ohio Democratic Party was a plaintiff in both cases.  The following may be directly attributed to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted: 

“In a short period of time, two different federal courts have issued conflicting decisions regarding how Ohio handles absentee and provisional ballots. Judge Watson recently ruled that certain provisions of existing election law are constitutional, while Judge Marbley today ruled those same provisions are unconstitutional. 

“Today the voters of Ohio have lost while the plaintiffs in these politically-motivated lawsuits have gotten exactly what they wanted: Chaos. 

“The sad reality is that much of Ohio's election laws are no longer made by their elected representatives, but rather by unelected federal judges in response to politically-motivated lawsuits. 

“Despite Ohio’s democratically-elected legislature having created a clear set of rules by passing these laws in 2014, an unelected judge has once again intervened and upset the balance of our election that makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat in Ohio. 

“Judge Marbley’s ruling disregards the powers given to the other two branches of government and I will appeal this latest attempt at judicial activism.”


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