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Secretary Husted Announces Early Voting Numbers

Ohio Decides: 2016 Primary Election Advisory


Over 238,000 ballots requested for Presidential Primary Election, nearly 70,000 Ohioans have already voted

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced that 238,863 absentee ballots were requested by-mail and in-person for the March 15th Presidential Primary Election by the close of business Friday and 69,732 voters had already cast their ballots.

Based on an informal survey of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections on Friday, February 26, 2016:

  • 238,863 absentee ballot applications received statewide
  • 69,732 absentee ballots have been cast
    • 46,100 absentee ballots cast by mail.
    • 23,632 absentee ballots cast in-person.
  • 169,131 absentee ballots outstanding

The same survey shows the following partisan breakdown of the ballots:

Number of BallotsDescription



Democrat (requested)


Democrat (cast)


Republican (requested)


Republican (cast)


Green Party (requested)


Green Party (cast)


Issues-Only, Nonpartisan (requested)


Issues-Only, Nonpartisan (cast)

In total, 335,542 voters cast absentee ballots during the 2012 Presidential Primary Election. During the 2008 Presidential Primary Election, 557,686 voters cast absentee ballots.

In addition to the Presidential Primary, Ohioans will nominate candidates for the United States Senate, the Ohio Supreme Court, Congress, the state legislature and many local races. There will be 465 local issues in 82 counties. A complete list of Presidential and statewide candidates is available here and a list of local issues is available here.

Ohio voters have the option to vote by mail from home 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well as 211 hours to vote early in-person over a four week absentee voting period, which began on February 17th. You can access the early voting schedule by clicking here.

A full, detailed and interactive 2016 elections calendar is available here.

The online Voter Toolkit is a one-stop location for all necessary voting information. Ohio voters can visit to check their voter registration status, find their polling location, view their sample ballot and track their absentee ballot.

In the first five years of Secretary Husted’s administration, 98.95 percent of absentee ballots were accepted, an improvement of 1.22 percent over the four years of the previous administration.

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