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Secretary Husted: Life is a Precious Gift from God

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Secretary Husted: Life is a Precious Gift from God
Video & b-roll of the event can be downloaded for your use here

COLUMBUS –Secretary of State Jon Husted today joined Ohio Right to Life and other pro-life supporters at an event at the Ohio Statehouse to draw attention to a recent video released showing a Planned Parenthood senior medical director discussing techniques for harvesting the organs of unborn children.

During his remarks, Secretary Husted noted that when he heard about the video he didn’t want to watch it. “This video, and the casual way the Planned Parenthood executive discusses harvesting organs from unborn babies, is one of the most awful things I have ever seen,” Secretary Husted said. “Thankfully, Ohio prohibits this horrible practice, but it is allowed in other states and I, like many others, have called for this practice to be investigated and stopped.”

Throughout his public service career, Secretary Husted has worked to protect life and advance the mission of seeing every unborn child granted their God-given right to life.  He has done this through efforts such as placing limits on facilities that perform abortions and reprioritizing government dollars to prevent tax dollars from being used for abortions. An adoptee at birth, Secretary Husted has also worked to promote adoption in Ohio.

“Life is a precious gift from God that deserves our gratitude and our respect,” Secretary Husted said during his remarks today. “This gratitude and respect must be extended to both the born and the unborn.”

A recent Los Angeles Times article Secretary Husted referenced during the event describes the shocking revelation that California’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into the group that recorded this video and not Planned Parenthood for the abhorrent practices described.

“Leaders are supposed to protect the innocent, not persecute their liberators,” Secretary Husted said. Click below for audio and video footage of this quote.

Additional Information:
Raw video and b-roll of today’s event
Audio of Secretary Husted’s interview and speech


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