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Husted Reminds Ohioans that Every Vote Matters

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Husted Reminds Ohioans that Every Vote Matters 
75 Races Decided by One Vote or Tied in Two Years

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced that five races from across the state were decided by a single vote or tied during the 2015 Primary and Special Election. A total of 75 Ohio races have tied or been decided by a one-vote margin over the past two years.

“Decisions are made by those who show up, which is an old quote that can sting pretty severely when you realize you are the one who could have made a difference in deciding if your local schools will receive more funding or whether or not you should pay more or less in property taxes,” Secretary Husted said. “Tied races happen in Ohio more frequently than most people know, which is why everyone should take just a few minutes to educate themselves about the issues on the ballot and then participate in the electoral process.”

One mayoral race, two city council races, one road levy and a local bond issue made up the closest races in the May 2015 Primary and Special Election. One race, in North Ridgeville, Ohio, had to be decided by the Lorain County Board of Elections with a coin flip.

To help ensure casting a ballot is as easy as possible in Ohio, Secretary Husted has taken several steps to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. These efforts include: setting uniform, statewide hours for in-person absentee voting to ensure all voters are treated equally; creating an online change of address system for voters; maintaining accurate and up-to-date voter rolls; and, remaining vigilant on addressing voter fraud and suppression.

Secretary Husted has also urged the legislature to authorize online voter registration in Ohio to make it even easier to participate in Ohio elections. An online registration system would be more accurate, more secure and create significant cost savings for local governments.

“It is easy to vote in Ohio and every day, we are looking for ways to help Ohioans cast their ballots and make their voices heard,” added Secretary Husted.”


For more information, please contact Joshua Eck at (614) 466-2729. To learn more about Secretary Husted, click here to view his bio. You can also download a high resolution photo for your use by clicking here.

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