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Ohio: The Gold Standard in Voting Access

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Ohio: The Gold Standard in Voting Access
Secretary Husted Renews Call for Clinton Attorney to Drop Frivolous Lawsuit

COLUMBUS – In response to the ongoing partisan attacks on Ohioans’ voting rights by attorneys for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today reminded all voters that Ohio remains one of the easiest states in the nation in which to cast a ballot.

Ohio: The Gold Standard in Voting Access

“We have made it very easy to vote in Ohio,” Secretary Husted said. “Anyone who does not participate in an election does so by choice, not because of lack of access to the ballot.”

During a recent speech in Texas, Mrs. Clinton called for a series of voting standards she believes should be implemented nationwide, which included three weeks of early voting with 20 days of early, in-person voting.

“Any candidate for president who chooses a path that is light on ideas and specifics, but heavy on litigation and politics, is simply telling voters that they will ignore reason in an effort to create chaos,” Secretary Husted said. “Since Ohio is already doing better than the recommended standards she has called for, it’s time for Mrs. Clinton to call on her attorneys to drop their frivolous lawsuit that wastes the money of the Ohio taxpayers she is courting.”

The speech in Texas comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the chief attorney for Hillary for America, Marc Elias, against Ohio officials, including Secretary Husted, claiming the state’s voting regulations disenfranchise voters.

But last week’s speech in Texas is not consistent with the positions Mrs. Clinton has previously espoused for voting standards.

As a member of the United States Senate, Mrs. Clinton introduced S. 450, legislation that would have created national standards for early voting, early in-person voting, uniformity in voting hours, maintenance of voter rolls and maximum wait times at the polls on Election Day. Specifically, the bill called for two weeks of early voting with 15 days of early, in-person voting, including at least 60 hours.

Ohio exceeds the standards in every category in both last week’s speech and the proposed legislation. In fact, Ohio maintains a significantly smaller average wait time, mails absentee ballot applications to voters before Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections, and maintains clean voter rolls by removing duplicate registrations and deceased voters.

“The reality is that Ohio already far exceeds the national standards Hillary Clinton has repeatedly called for, confirming that Mrs. Clinton has come to the correct understanding that in Ohio it is easy to vote,” Secretary Husted added.  “However, one thing Mrs. Clinton doesn’t seem to understand is that the implementation of clear and reasonable standards does not disenfranchise voters.”

Despite proof that Ohio exceeds expectations, lawyers for Clinton’s campaign continue to pursue their frivolous lawsuit that wastes taxpayer dollars and leads to voter confusion.

“Real disenfranchisement occurs when politicians attempt to deceive voters into falsely believing they are being suppressed in an effort to score political points,” Secretary Husted said. “This practice is confusing and it is wrong.”


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