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Statement from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Statement from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

COLUMBUSOhio Secretary of State Jon Husted today released the following statement regarding provisions included in the state transportation budget, House Bill 53. All of the following can be attributed directly to Secretary Husted:

“This measure is about residency for purposes of vehicle registration with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and has nothing to do with participation in elections. After a thorough review, we find nothing in this provision that makes it harder to register to vote or cast a ballot.”

“It is irresponsible for anyone to deceive the public into believing it is hard to vote in Ohio. This provision does not add any barriers to casting a ballot in our state. In fact, by requiring a resident to obtain a driver’s license within 30 days of moving to Ohio, it will actually give them an additional form of acceptable identification they can use to register to vote and cast a ballot.

“The provision, which already received unanimous, bipartisan support in the Ohio Senate, does not create a prerequisite for voter registration or participation in Ohio elections any different from the federal and state laws already in force. In fact, individuals that meet the statutory requirements to become an Ohio voter will find that they can choose from a number of accepted forms of identification to register.

“To further enhance both access and security in Ohio elections, I will continue to urge the Ohio General Assembly to adopt online voter registration and the federal government to provide state elections officials with access to databases of non-citizens who have been issued Social Security numbers.

“I remain committed to ensuring that in Ohio, it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.”


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