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Vote in Honor of One of the 900,000 Ohio Veterans This Election

As America commemorates the 95th anniversary of Veterans Day this year, it serves as the perfect opportunity for each of us to honor and thank those brave men and women who have served our country throughout the years defending our rights and freedoms.

According to the Ohio Department of Veterans Services, there are approximately 900,000 veterans living in Ohio. Each one of these veterans, as well as those no longer with us, took action to protect those they loved and their country. Now it is our turn to take action and show our gratitude for their service by dedicating our vote in their honor through the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program.

Vote in Honor of a Veteran provides an opportunity for Ohio voters to recognize the military service of a family member, friend or neighbor on Election Day. Participating in the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program is simple and easy. Voters who know a veteran they want to honor can simply log onto and complete the online form or call (614) 995-1697 to request a form. Once the form is completed and submitted, voters will receive a lapel pin to wear while casting their ballot in honor of a veteran.

Another important aspect of Vote in Honor of Veteran is giving participants the chance to share why they chose to cast their ballot in honor of a veteran. Here are a few examples:

“My veteran, my father, has shown me the importance to seize the day in life; to not let a moment go by wasted, for it might be our last. Voting in honor of a veteran means that his ideals and the rights he fought for will not be lost or have gone to waste.”

    Sierra Barnett honoring her father Ray Barnett.

“I lost my son 14 August 2009 in OEF. I made it a point to vote because he gave his life for our country and the rights afforded us. Brian was one of America’s finest...”

    Robert A. Woods honoring his son William Brian Woods.

“Myself a Vietnam veteran, I am proud to be able to vote in honor of these P.O.W., M.I.A., and K.I.A.'s. I hope to honor their sacrifice.”

    David P. Barton honoring all veterans and those that never came home.

Each of these testimonials, as well as thousands of others, can be viewed online at

Those who have served in the armed forces possess an unwavering dedication to our country and it is important that we recognize their patriotism. Help me identify these Ohio heroes by participating in this program. Visit to learn more about the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program, as well as other resources my office provides military service personnel.

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