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Secretary of State Husted Honors Charity Betts of Montgomery County


 Columbus – During an event yesterday at the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted presented Charity Betts, a polling location supervisor for the county, with a Precinct Election Official (PEO) Red Carpet Award. Ms. Betts received the PEO award for her outstanding service and dedication to the Ohio Election process.

“Poll workers are the backbone of our elections process” Secretary Husted said. “Hard working and dedicated election officials, like Charity, help ensure that our elections run smoothly and efficiently. I thank Ms. Betts for her hard work.”

Ms. Betts has served as a polling location supervisor since 2010, prior to that serving as a presiding judge. She is one of only two recipients, out of the thousands of poll workers, to receive the Precinct Election Official Red Carpet Award this year. Ms. Betts supervised four precincts on Election Day November 2012.

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