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Secretary of State Husted Certifies Initial Referendum Petition Signatures

COLUMBUS – Secretary of State Jon Husted today certified that the group seeking a state referendum on House Bill 7, has met the initial 1,000-signature requirement on the petition they filed to qualify for the November 2014 ballot.

Ohio law requires petitioners seeking to place a referendum on the ballot to first submit 1,000 valid signatures and the full text of the law, or section of the law, to the Secretary of State’s office for certification. Petitioners collected 2,764 signatures, of which 1,390 were deemed valid. The Secretary also approved the full text of the law submitted with the signatures.

Once the signatures and text have been certified by the Secretary of State, and the petition summary has been certified by the Attorney General, petitioners may begin collecting the required 231,148 valid signatures to place the measure on the ballot. In this case, petitioners will have until September 3, 2013, to collect the required signatures.

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Secretary of State’s Certification Letter
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