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State From Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Columbus – Earlier today U.S. District Court Judge George Smith ordered (see attached) the dismissal of a pending lawsuit regarding putting a referendum on House Bill 194 (129th General Assembly) on the ballot, saying in part, “The Court does not find that there is a clearly established right to compel the State to go through a futile, purely symbolic electoral exercise. Defendants acted rationally and constitutionally when they made the decision not to place the referendum on the November 2012 ballot.” The following may be attributed to Secretary of State Jon Husted:

“I welcome the court's affirmation of my actions.

“Placing an issue on the ballot that had already been repealed by the legislature would have been a wasteful and unnecessary expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

“My hope is that we can now move beyond the political bickering that surrounds election law and focus on meaningful bipartisan reforms that will further build upon the improvements we have already made to Ohio’s elections process.”

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