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Secretary of State Husted Convenes 53rd Meeting of Ohio's Electoral College

Pictured above is the official certificate of votes signed by Ohio’s 18 Electors.

Columbus – Ohio’s 53rd Electoral College met today at noon in the Senate Chamber of the Ohio Statehouse. Ohio’s 18 members of the Electoral College cast their ballots for president and vice president.

According to the U.S. Constitution, each state is allotted a number of presidential electors equal to the number of U.S. senators plus the number of U.S. House representatives, so Ohio has 18 electors. In most states, including Ohio, the presidential ticket that receives the popular vote in that state garners all of the electors. Two states, Maine and Nebraska, have a proportional system for choosing electors based on the percentage of votes received by the presidential candidate.

Electors casting votes today were:

District 1         Daniel Traicoff, Cincinnati
District 2         Constance Lighthall, New Richmond
District 3         Tracy Heard, Columbus
District 4         William Young, Green Springs
District 5         Michael Friedman, Toledo
District 6         Ann Block, Woodsfield
District 7         William J. Healy, II, Canton
District 8         Cathina Hourani, Liberty Township
District 9         Wade Kapszukiewicz, Toledo
District 10       Mark Owens, Dayton
District 11        Pernel Jones, Jr., Cleveland
District 12       Grace Anne Cherrington, Pataskala
District 13       Sarah Brown-Clark, Youngstown
District 14       Kevin Malecek, Willoughby Hills
District 15       Jeremy Van Meter, Sugar Grove
District 16       Ryan Kolegar, Brunswick
District 17       Ted Strickland, Columbus
District 18       Chris Redfern, Catawba Island

Electoral votes from each state are sent to the President of the Senate, who on January 6th, unseals and reads them before both houses of Congress. The candidates with the most electoral votes are declared president and vice president. At noon on January 20th, following the Electoral College, the duly-elected president and vice president are sworn into office.

If you would like to watch the event, the video can be found here .

Additional information on Ohio’s Electoral College is available online here .

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