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Secretary of State Husted: Online Change of Address Tool Used by More Than 106,000 Ohio Voters

Columbus –Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced that from August 9th through the close of registration yesterday, more than 106,000 Ohio voters used a new online service to update their voting addresses online. This tool, housed at, made it easier for voters to update their voting information so they will be able to vote a regular rather than a provisional ballot on Election Day.

Secretary Husted noted that more than 13,700 voters used the system yesterday alone and they were logged in right up until midnight -- the official close of voter registration in Ohio.

“This new service has proven to be another success story in preparation for the November election,” Secretary Husted said. “The 100,000-plus voters who used the Online Change of Address tool will not have to cast provisional ballots, and our statewide voter rolls are more accurate and secure.”

Secretary Husted notes that had the online change of address system been in place during the 2008 Presidential Election, an estimated 130,000 voters who cast a provisional ballot could have taken advantage of this convenience and voted a regular ballot. The most common reason a voter must cast a provisional ballot in Ohio is for not having updated their information prior to the voter registration deadline. Provisional voters’ ballots must be verified for eligibility in the days following an election before they can be included in the official tally.

In addition to being a convenience for voters, the Online Change of Address System also reduces manual data entry from paper forms at the 88 county boards of elections. This saves board staff time and money and ensures more accuracy and security for Ohio’s statewide voter rolls.

“This presidential election, as all eyes are on Ohio, voters can be assured that the state’s voter rolls are in the best shape that have been in years because of innovations like the Online Change of Address System,” Husted said.

Because the voter registration deadline has passed for the upcoming election, the Online Change of Address System will be down through Election Day. It will go back up November 7, 2012 to serve voters in future elections.  Secretary Husted hopes to build upon its success in the future.

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