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Statement from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

COLUMBUS – Secretary of State Jon Husted today decided to break the tie vote from the Hamilton County Board of Elections in favor of appealing the decision in Hunter v. Hamilton County Board of Elections. Regarding his decision, all of the following may be attributed to Secretary Husted:

“As Ohio’s Chief Elections Officer, today I must stand on principle rather than expediency. I cannot and will not back down when it comes to our state’s right to administer elections, nor can I stand by while the federal government drops yet another conflicting standard on our doorsteps.

“I remain concerned that we have a federal court dabbling in how to count ballots in a local judge race. The court’s order is contrary to laws passed by the Ohio General Assembly and affirmed by the Ohio Supreme Court. In fact, it does not rely upon any written state or federal law, but upon a contrived standard in a questionable consent decree that was approved under the auspices of another federal court.

“This decision in Hunter has broader implications than the outcome of one race in Hamilton County. From an elections administration standpoint, the only way our state can adhere to Ohio law, comply with the federal court’s ruling and avoid future costly legal battles over the counting of ballots, would be to mandate single-precinct polling locations in every county in Ohio. This would significantly drive up the cost to counties of running elections, and inject even more confusion for voters during a presidential election year.”

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Hamilton County Board of Elections Tie Vote Decision Letter

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