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Secretary of State Husted Certifies Presidential Candidates for March Primary

COLUMBUS –Secretary of State Jon Husted today certified delegates for presidential candidates to appear on the March Primary ballot in Ohio.

Democratic Party at-large and alternate-at-large delegates were certified for:

  •     Barack Obama

Republican Party at-large, alternate-at-large, district and alternate district delegates were certified for:    

  •     Newt Gingrich
  •     Jon Huntsman
  •     Ron Paul
  •     Rick Perry
  •     Mitt Romney
  •     Rick Santorum (Did not file district or alternate district delegates for the 6th, 9th or 13th congressional districts and will not appear on the ballot at the district level in those areas.)

Additionally, county boards of elections today certified congressional candidates. Please note that in multi-county districts, contests are certified by the most populous county in the district. To get a list of these candidates, you will need to contact the individual county boards of elections.

The Secretary of State previously certified candidates for U.S. Senate and the Ohio Supreme Court.

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