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Secretary of State Husted Announces Ballot Order to Statewide Issues

COLUMBUS – Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced the ballot order for the three statewide issues appearing on the November ballot.

The order of the issues is as follows:

  • Issue 1 - House Joint Resolution 1 - Judicial Retirement Age Constitutional Amendment;
  • Issue 2 - Senate Bill 5 Referendum, and
  • Issue 3 - Health Care Freedom Act Constitutional Amendment

The order of the issues was determined based upon the order in which each issue was filed with the Secretary of State’s office. The Ohio Revised Code gives the Secretary of State the authority to determine the order of statewide issues appearing on the ballot.

The Ballot Board, which is scheduled to meet next week, will convene to approve the ballot language that voters will consider in November. The Board will be meeting at 10:00 am in the Finan Finance Hearing Room of the Ohio Statehouse, located on the first floor of the Senate Building Annex. The meeting is open to the public and will also be streamed live online at

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