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Secretary of State Husted Statement on Changes to Recently Passed Elections Reform Legislation

COLUMBUSThe following may be attributed in whole, or in part, to Secretary of State Jon Husted regarding the Senate State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs Committee’s amendments to House Bill 224, a bill to help overseas military personnel more easily participate in Ohio elections, that repeals sections of the recently passed elections reform law, including a provision which would allow for online voter registration. The General Assembly is expected to vote on the amended bill later today.  

“Today should be viewed as a victory for what didn't happen. The Senate did not enact a draconian photo identification law and I thank them for hearing my concerns.

"The goal of online registration was to take advantage of technology and allow voters to register and update their addresses so they don’t have to vote provisionally. We were trying to make Ohio a more forward-thinking state. This action is a setback for Ohio, but it will not stop my efforts to modernize our election system.”

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