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The Importance of Agriculture in Ohio

A guest column by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted
Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Agriculture is one of the largest and most important industries in Ohio. In fact, our state is the top producer of Swiss cheese, second in egg production, third in tomatoes and pumpkins, one of the top 10 states in chicken and pork production and has the richest sheep herd east of the Mississippi. Bottom line, Ohioans have a lot to brag about and be proud of when it comes to agriculture.

Having grown up in rural northwest, Ohio, I know a little something about this industry, having experienced it first-hand.  Living in a farming community, I often found myself helping my family with chores like sheering sheep and bailing hay. These experiences showed me at an early age the importance of values like hard work and family. Like any Ohioan who has been directly impacted by one of the nearly 75,000 farming operations in the state, these traits  stuck with me and formed the solid foundation on which I have lived my life.

It is important for Ohio to be educated about agriculture because this industry is about so much more than growing food or making products we all use. It is a way of life.  This is why I have made the month of September all about “Ohio Agriculture” in my office’s Ohio Business Profile program. 

I encourage you to visit our website at to learn about the businesses we are featuring and see all of the different ways people are involved with agriculture in the Buckeye State.

I also want to encourage you to remind your neighbors that even though agriculture is a global business, always remember to shop local.

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