128th General Assembly

On this page you will find information about acts signed into law during the 128th General Assembly, which ran from 2009-2010. All links on this page are PDF documents which will open in a new window. Some of the PDFs may be large, so please allow for time to download.

Certification of General Laws

House Bills

Bill No.DescriptionEffective Date

Budget Bill

7/17/09; some sections effectively immediately on 7/17/2009 as the sections are or relate to an appropriation for current expenses. Other sections subject to the referendum period are effective on 10/16/09.
HB 2 Appropriations Related to Transportation and Public Safety…………Emergency 7/1/09; Certain sections effective immediately per section 901.11 of the Act.
AM SUB HB 5 To Permit Individuals Elected or Appointed to State Office to Establish Transition Funds….and to Declare an Emergency +
AM SUB HB 10 To Allow a Juvenile Court to Issue a Protection Order Against a Child Effective 6/17/10
AM SUB HB 15 Create the Competitive Workers' Compensation Task Force Some sections effective immediately on 06/30/2009 [311] Sections subject to the referendum effective 09/29/2009 [313] or as otherwise provided in the Act. 
AM SUB HB 16 To Make Certain Reductions in State Employee Benefits; Operating Appropriations…………. Some sections effective immediately on 06/30/2009 [809.10] Sections subject to the referendum effective 09/29/2009 [809.12] or as otherwise provided in the Act. 
SUB HB 19 To Revise the Criminal Offenses that Disqualify School Bus Drivers for Employment. Effective 3/29/2010
AM SUB HB 27 Create Special License Plates and to Designate Certain Memorial Highways and a Memorial Bridge. Effective 5/31/10

Provide up to Two Weeks of Leave for Any Employee who is the Spouse, Parent, or a Person who has or had Legal Custody of a Member of the Uniformed Services

Section 7 Provides that Amendment Of Sections 5747.01 and 409.10 are Effective Immediately on 4/2/10. Other Sections of the Act are Effective on 7/2/10.
SUB HB 50 To Modify the Prohibition Against a Pilot Carrying Passengers Unless Pilot has a Specified Certification. Effective 9/8/10
HB 67 To Permit Persons who are Sixteen to Donate Blood with Parental Consent Effective 10/6/200
SUB HB 102 Umbilical Cord Blood Donations. Effective 6/30/10
AM HB 150 Designate August as "Ohio Military Family Month" and to Make Operating Appropriations for the Period Beginning July 15, 2009, and Ending July 21, 2009. Effective Immediately, Appropriations Period Beginning 7/15/09, Ending 7/21/09.
SUB HB 190 To Allow Certain Dental Hygienists to Administer Local Anesthesia Based on Instruction Obtained while Licensed in Another State, and to Authorize the Director of Health to Establish a School-Based Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program. Effective 8/31/10
SUB HB 198 To Revise the Law Governing the Medicaid Reimbursement for Nursing Facilities' Tax Costs and to Declare an Emergency….. "6/8/10; Emergency Effective Immediately"
SUB HB 215 To Modify the Laws Governing Investigations and Hearings Conducted by the State Dental Board... Effective 9/13/10
AM SUB HB 238 To Require the Court in Divorce or Legal Separation Proceedings Effective 9/8/10
HB 245 To Make Operating Appropriations for the Period Beginning July 8, 2009, and Ending July 14, 2009 Effective Immediately, Appropriations Period Beginning 7/8/09, Ending 7/14/09.
AM SUB HB 290 To Establish a Longitudinal Student Data System, to Extend the Deadline for Certain School Districts to Secure Voter Approval of Bonds and Tax Levies for the Districts' Shares of State-Assisted Classroom Facilities Projects, to Make Performance of the Harmon Commission's Duties Contingent on the Availability of Funding, and to Declare an Emergency. Effective12/28/2010, Immediately, Emergency
SUB HB 292 To Prohibit Transfer Fee Covenants in Certain Real Estate Transactions…. Effective 9/13/10
SUB HB 300 Changes to Law Governing the Licensure and Regulation of Insurance Agents…… Declare an Emergency Section 7 provides that sections 1753.33 and 3903.83 will take effect Jan. 1, 2012; Section 3 provides that Sections 1 and 2 (all the other RC sections in the Act) take effect 90 days after the effective date of the Act on 5/26/10. Sections 4,5,6,8,9,10, 11 will be effective immediately on 2/25/2010.
SUB HB 313 To Authorize a County with a Population Greater than 60,000 to Organize a County Land Reutilization Corporation Effective 7/7/10
SUB HB 318 To Postpone for Two Years the Last of Five Scheduled Income Tax Rate Reductions, Create the Construction Reform Demonstration Project, Provide Granting of a Delay Implementing All-Day Kindergarten, and to Make an Appropriation. 03/23/10; Sections 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12 and certain other provisions effective 12/22/09.
HB 330 To Authorize the Director of Transportation to Include School Districts in Purchase Contracts for Machinery, Materials, Supplies and Other Articles. Effective 3/24/11
SUB HB 338 All Issues Concerning a Person's Driver's License to be Litigated in a Single Court Effective 9/17/10
SUB HB 363 To Revise the Concentrated Animal Feeding Facilities Law, to Specify that Certain Provisions Amended by this Act do not Become Operative Until the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency Approves the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program.... and to Declare an Emergency 12/22/09 Emergency, Effective Immediately
SUB HB 393 Revise the Notice Required to be Provided by a Board of Township Trustees…. to Declare an Emergency "6/18/10; Emergency Effective Immediately"
AM SUB HB  398 To Revise the Waiting List Provisions of the Passport, Pace, and Assisted Living Programs Effective 8/31/10
SUB HB 414 Ohio Livestock Care … Emergency Effective 3/31/10; Emergency Act
SUB HB 449 To Make Changes to the Law Regarding the Ohio Veterans' Home Agency and the Department of Veterans Services… to Make an Appropriation. "9/17/10; Except that Sections 3, 4 and 5 are Effective Immediately"
SUB HB 462 To Make Capital Reappropriations for the Biennium Ending June 30, 2012, and Certain Capital Appropriations. Pursuant to Section 111.70 of the Act, All Sections Take Effect on 7/1/10
SUB HB 495 Postpone Operation of the Sunset Review Law Until July 1, 2011; and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 12/15/10 Immediately, Emergency
AM SUB HB 519 To Create the Ohio Casino Control Commission Effective 9/10/10

Senate Bills

Bill No.DescriptionEffective Date
AM SB 51  Designate the Last Week of May as "Ohio Turfgrass Week." Effective 3/24/11
SUB SB 58 To Prohibit from Collecting any Bodily Substance of Another Person Effective 9/17/10
SB 73 Coal Mining with Regard to the Imposition of a Portion of the Severance Tax…...…Emergency 6/15/09 emergency effective immediately
SUB SB 77 Expansion of DNA Testing for Certain Convicted Felons Effective 7/6/10

To Change the Name of the Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

Effective 10/6/09
SUB SB 85 Authorize Certain Political Subdivisions to Contract for Engineering Effective 6/30/10
AM SUB SB 89 Prescriptive Authority of Out-of-State Advanced Practice Nurses Effective 3/29/2010
SB 93 Establish the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, to Prescribe the Commission's Powers and Duties. 3/18/10
SUB SB 106 To Exclude from the Application of the Savings Statute Certain Estate and Trust Proceedings. Effective 3/24/2010
AM SUB SB 110 To Revise the Household Sewage and Small Flow On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems Law Effective 9/17/10
AM SUB SB 124 To Authorize the Governor to Execute a Release of Reversionary Interest in Certain Real Estate Located in Auglaize County, and to Declare an Emergency.  Effective12/28/09 Immediately, Emergency
SUB SB 131 Establish a Program that Ensures that Supplies Composed of Biobased Products are Purchased by the Dept of Administrative Services, Other State Agencies, State Institutions of Higher Education, and to Extend the Income Tax Credit for Retail Sales of Alternative Fuel for Two Additional Years. Effective 5/31/10
SUB SB 147 Right of Disposal to the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Regarding Unclaimed Cremated Remains of Persons who are Entitled to be Buried in a National Cemetery. Effective 7/2/10
SUB SB 155 General Assembly to Require that the Costs of all Bienniel Audits of State Agencies be Charged to the State Agency being Audited .... Emergency Effective 3/31/10; Emergency Act
SUB SB 162 To Create the Select Committee on Telecommunications Regulatory Reform. Effective 9/13/10
SUB SB 165 Revise the Oil and Gas Law Effective 6/30/10
AM SUB  SB 181 To Provide Immunity from Liability for Eligible Landowners… Make Appropriations Section 1 and 2 Effective 9/13/10. Sections 3 and 4 Effective 6/13/10. Sections 5 and 6 Efective 9/13/10. Section 7 Effective 6/13/10. Section 8 Effective 9/13/10. Section 9 Effective 6/13/10. Section 10 Effective  9/13/10. Sections 11,12,13,14, and 15 Effective 6/13/10. Section 16 Effective 9/13/10. Sections 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 Effective 6/13/10.
AM SB 183 To Eliminate a Grandfather Exemption from the Requirements of the Architects Law Effective 9/10/10
AM SUB SB 187 To Establish the Ohio Planned Community Law. Effective 9/10/10
AM SUB SB 194 Transmit an Income Tax Refund Directly to the Taxpayer's Checking, Savings, or Individual Retirement Account Effective 8/19/10
SUB SB 204 To the Termination of Franchises and Prohibited Acts Under the Motor Vehical Dealers Law. Effective 9/10/10
SUB SB 210 To Establish Nutritional Standards for Certain Foods and Beverages in School Effective 9/17/10
AM SUB SB 232 To Exempt Qualifying Energy Facilities from Property Taxation Upon County Approval… to Declare an Emergency…... "6/17/2010; Emergency, Effective Immediately"
SUB SB 235 Offenses of Trafficking in Persons and Unlawful Conduct... Effective 3/24/11
AM SB 270 To Authorize a Joint Recreation District Operating on the Site of the United States Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee... Effective 9/13/10

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Joint Resolutions

SUB SJR #1 Compensation to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq conflicts 3/11/2009
AM SUB SJR #6 Create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board 7/16/2009
AM SJR #8 Change the authorized location of the casino in central Ohio from Columbus to a designated site in Franklin County 2/3/2010
AM SUB HJR #12 Issuance of additional general obligation bonds to fund research and development 2/3/2010
SJR #12 Honoring the recipients of the Ohio Military Medal of Distinction and their families 11/10/2010

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Statewide Ballot Issues


State Issue 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to authorize the state to issue bonds to provide compensation to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq conflicts

State Issue 2: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to establish and implement standards of care for livestock and poultry

State Issue 3: Proposed Constitutional Amendment by initiative petition to amend the constitution to allow for one casino each in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo and distribute to all ohio counties a tax on the casinos


(Primary) State Issue 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to extend the Ohio Third Frontier Program by authorizing the issuance of additional general obligation bonds to promote economic growth by funding research and development to create and preserve jobs

(Primary) State Issue 2: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to change the location of the Columbus casino facility authorized by previous statewide vote from the Arena District to a vacant redevelopment site in the Columbus area formerly owned by General Motors and Delphi Automotive


Members of the 128th General Assembly

List of O.R.C. sections affected

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