127th General Assembly

On this page you will find information about acts signed into law during the 127th General Assembly, which ran from 2007-2008. All links on this page are PDF documents which will open in a new window. Some of the PDFs may be large, so please allow for time to download.

certification of general laws

House Bills 

Bill No.DescriptionEffective Date
SUB HB 2 To Transfer the Appointment of the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents to the Governor...to Declare an Emergency 5/15/2007;
Sub HB 7 Adoption Law and Custody of an Abused, Neglected, or Dependent Child 4/7/09
SUB HB 9 To Require Farm Machinery that is Designed by its Manufacturer to Operate at a Speed Greater than 25 Miles per Hour 10/18/07
HB 13  To Prohibit the Inclusion of Social Security Numbers on Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal Notices 8/19/08
AM SUB HB 24 To Authorize Municipalities to Allow Self-Employed Taxpayers to Take a Municipal Income Tax Deduction for Amounts Paid for Medical Care Insurance... to Declare an Emergency 12/21/2007;
Sub HB 30 To Require any Local Authority that Enforces any Traffic Law 9/12/08; certain
sections effective on
other dates.
Sub HB 46 To Allow a Consumer to Place a Security Freeze on the Consumer's Credit Report Sections 1 & 2 of this
Act are effective
9/1/08 per section 3
of the Act.
Sub HB 48 To Exempty Certain Tax Exempt Organizations 9/12/08
HB 50 To Allow Townships to Remove Junk Motor Vehicles from Public and Private Property 3/5/08
AM SUB HB 53 To Replace Terms that Refer to Persons with Certain Conditions 08/07/07
Am HB 55 To Designate April 29th of Each Year "Heritage and Freedom Flag of the Former Republic of Vietnam Day." 8/14/08
SUB HB 56 To Clarify the Rights and Duties of the Parties to an Action for a Forcible Entry and Detainer at a Manufactured Home Park 10/18/07
AM SUB HB 67 To Make Appropriations for Programs Related to Transportation and Public Safety for the Biennium Beginning July 1, 2007, and Ending June 30, 2009, and to Provide Authorization and Conditions for the Operation of those Programs 06/30/07; Certain Sections Effective on Other Dates
Sub HB 71 To Provide for the Seizure, Impoundment, and Disposition of Dogs 9/30/08
Sub HB 74 Make Spying or Eavesdropping upon a Minor in a State of Nudity for the Purpose of Sexual Gratification or Arousal a Felony 4/7/09
Sub HB 79 Law Governing the Workers' Compensation Council Effective 1/6/09
HB 87 To Designate a Bridge on State Route 108 over the Maumee River as the "Henry County Veterans Bridge." 9/12/08
AM HB 89 To Provide Persons who Donate Consumer Goods to a Charitable Agency with Qualified Immunity from Civil Liability for Harm that Allegedly Arises Because the Consumer Goods are not Fit for Use 10/18/07
AM SUB HB 100 To Abolish the Workers' Compensation Oversight Commission, the Internal Security Committee, and the Services Committee of the Workers' Compensation System... to Make Appropriations 09/10/07; Some Sections of Law Effective 06/11/07; Certain Sections Effective on Other Dates
AM SUB HB 104 To Require Initial License Applicants and Applicants for Restoration of Licenses for Specified Licensed Processions to Obtain a Criminal Background Check from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification 3/24/08
HB 113 To Provide Reentry Services to Persons in the Custody of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or the Department of Youth Services 6/25/08

Budget Bill

Some Sections Effective Immediately, on 06/30/07. Referendum Period, if Applicable Expires 09/28/07. Other Sections Effective as Provided in the Act
SUB HB 120 To Eliminate Unnecessary and Inconsistent Language Mistakenly Retained by SUB HB 241 of the 126th General Assembly... to Declare an Emergency Emergency; 06/30/2007; Certain Sections Effective on Other Dates
SUB HB 125 To Establish Certain Uniform Contract Provisions Between Health Care Providers and Contracting Entities 6/25/2008; New
section 3963.06
effective 90 days
thereafter per
Section 4 of the
Sub HB 129 To Authorize for a Two-Year Period a Pilot Program that Allows the Members of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, the Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council, the Governor's Council on People with Disabilities, and the Facility Governing Board and Judicial Advisory Board that Govern or Advise on the Star Community Justice Center in Franklin Furnace, Ohio, to be Present at Board Meetings by Teleconference or Interactive Video Telconference, and to Require Reports on the Effects of Member Participation in Meetings in this Manner 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 130 Modify Sentencing Procedures 4/7/09
HB 134 To Modify Corporation Law Relating to the Election of Directors 1701.55, 1701.782
and 1701.792
Effective 01/01/08.
Other Sections Effective After Standard 90-Day
Period 10/18/07
Sub HB 138 To Require Purchasers of Real Property at a Judicial Sale to Provide Certain Identifying Information 9/11/08
AM SUB HB 142 To Increase the Penalty for Inducing Panic to a Felony of the Second Degree when a School or an Institution of Higher Education is Involved 3/24/08
SUB HB 149 To Modify the Laws Governing the State Board of Optometry and the Practice of Optometry 3/24/08
Am HB 150 To Establish a "Good Samaritan Law" 9/12/08
HB 153 To Direct the Chief of the Division of Wildlife in the Department of Natural Resources to Enter into the Wildlife Violators Compact 10/18/07
SUB HB 157 To Require a Box on Personal Income Tax Returns that a Taxpayer may Check to Authorize a Paid Tax Preparer to Speak to the Department of Taxation about Certain Matters Concerning the Return 12/21/07; Certain Provisions Effective 03/24/08
SUB HB 160 To Provide that Limited Liability Company may be a Nonprofit Entity, and to Make Changes Regarding Certain Tax Exemptions 6/20/08
SUB HB 166 To Create an Office Internal Auditing Within the Office of Budget and Management 2/14/08
SUB HB 169 To Establish Requirements Governing the Disposal and Collection of Used LED-Acid Batteries 4/25/08
AM SUB HB 177 To Allow the Same Person, Association, Trust, or Corporation to Own and Operate Two Separate Race Tracks in Ohio... to Declare an Emergency 10/25/2007;
Am HB 181 With Respect to Law Enforcement Cooperation and Schools' Record Keeping Duties in Missing Children Investigations 9/12/08
SUB HB 190 To Specify Administration Dates for the Elementary Achievement Tests... to Declare an Emergency 11/14/2007;
HB 194 To Allow Joint Township Hospitals to Hold an Executive Session for Purposes of Discussing Trade Secrets 2/12/08
Sub HB 195 To Provide that the Prescription-Related Exemption from the Drug Possession 9/30/08
Sub HB 196 Income Tax Credits for Investments in Motion Pictures Producted in Ohio... Vetoed Vetoed
Am Sub HB 209 Expand the Offense of "Sexual Battery" to Prohibit a Peace Officer from Engaging in Sexual Conduct with a Minor 4/7/09
AM SUB HB 214 Relative to Training for Foster Caregivers, the Public Record Status of Identifying Information of Current and Prospective Foster Caregivers 5/14/08
Am Sub HB 215 To List Salvia Divinorum as a Controlled Substance  
AM HB 217 To Establish a Grain Marketing Program, to Provide that the Director of Agriculture has Exclusive Authority to Regulate the Provision of Food Nutrition Information at Food Service Operations 3/24/2008; Some Provisions have Immediate Effect per Section 4 of the Act
SUB HB 224 To Specify that the Municipal Income Tax Annual Return Filing Date shall not be Earlier than the Federal Income Tax Filing Date 3/24/08
SUB HB 233 To Revive the Rural Industrial Parks Loan Program 02/14/08 as to Sections 1 and 2
of the Act Section 6 -
Certain Sections go into Immediate Effect upon signing by the Governor on
AM HB 238 To Revise Provisions Governing the Restitution Value of a Wild Animal that is Unlawfully Held, Taken, Bought, Sold, or Possessed 3/4/08
Sub HB 244 To Authorize Townships to Relocate Overhead Cables, wires, and Appurtenant Equipment Underground Upon Petition 8/14/08
Sub HB 248 To Set Forth Requirements Governing Non-Recourse Civil Litigation Advance Contracts 8/27/08
Am Sub HB 266 Enable More Flexible Composition of Veterans Memorial Boards 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 273 Designate Certain Memorial Highways 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 280 Require Facilities that Perform Abortions to Display a Sign; to Enhance the Criminal Penalty for Domestic Violence 4/7/09
Am HB 281 To Provide for the Uniform Determination of the Fair Market Value of Certain Animals by a Dog 8/22/08
Sub HB 283 To Permit Pharmacy Schools to Accept for Instructional Purposes Donations 9/12/08
Sub HB 285 To Waive Fines or Penalties for Paperwork Violations that are First-Time Offenses 9/16/08
Sub HB 289 To Make Changes to the Law Governing Agricultural Security Areas. 7/18/08
Am Sub HB 293 To Establish a Threshold of 500 Annual Special License Plate Registrations for All Special LIcense Plates 8/14/08
Am HB 295 To Require that the Amount Spent by Counties on Energy Conservation Measures be Unlikely to Exceed the Amount Saved in Energy and Operating Costs Over the Average System Life of the Measures, and to Require that Financed Measures be Paid for within the Lesser of their Average System Life or Thirty Years. 7/31/08
Am HB 297 To Designate the Month of May as Ohio Lyme Disease Awareness Month 9/12/08
AM HB 314 To Requier that a Woman who is to have an Abortion be Given the Opportunity to View Any Available Obsteric Ultrasound Image and to Make Corrections in the Laws Pertaining to Child Abuse and Neglect Reports 6/20/08
Sub HB 318 Placing of County and Township Road on Nonmaintained Status 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 320 Require Certain Children who are Between Four and Eight Years of Age to be Secured in a Booster Seat 4/7/09; sections 1,2,
and 3 of this act,
except for section
4507.071 of the
Revised code, shall
take effect six
months after the
effective date of this
act per section 4 of
this act.
Sub HB 323 To Amend for Purpose of Adopting New Section Numbers 9/30/08
Sub HB 331 Licensure of Hospital Maternity Units, Hospital Newborn Care Nurseries, and Maternity Homes 9/1/08
Sub HB 332 To Adopt the Revised Uniform Partnership Act to be Known as the "Ohio Uniform Partnership Act (1997)," to Establish that On and After January 1, 2009 8/6/08; 90 day bill;
certain provisions
effective 1/1/2010 per
section 3 of the act
Sub HB 346 Regarding Hospital Staffing Guidelines 9/12/08
Am Sub HB 350 To Revise the Election Law 9/12/08
Am HB 352 To Include Alpacas and Llamas in Certain Statutory Definitions of "Agricultural Animal" and "Livestock." 8/6/08
Am Sub HB 359 To Authorize the Prosecutor and Treasurer of a County with a Population Greater than 100,000 to Utilize Surplus Delinquent Tax 9/30/08
HB 372 To Exempt Estates of Armed Forces Members who Died while Serving in a Combat Zone from Probate Fees 3/24/08
Sub HB 374 To Allow the Original Articles of Incorporation to Eliminate Cumulative Voting 9/30/08
Am HB 381 To Increase the Funds Available for the Ohio Research Scholars Program and to Permit a Nonpublic Four-Year Ohio University to Submit a Proposal for the Ohio Research Scholars Program if the Proposal is to be Implemented in Collaboration with State College or University. 5/14/2008; immediate
effective date per
section 7 of the act
Am HB 385 To Permit Land Acquired by a Board of Township Trustees for the Purpose of Protecting or Preserving "Greenspace" 9/12/08
Am HB 392 To Establish a Next of Kin Database within the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 7/31/08
Am Sub HB 395 Exclude a Spouse's Social Security Benefits from a Divorce Courts Jurisdiction. 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 404 To Make Changes to the Law Governing Viatical Settlements 9/11/08; new
effective 90 days
thereafter per section
3 of the act
Sub HB 405 To Eliminate the Requirement that Each County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Maintain a Service 9/1/08
Am HB 416 Ratify the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Sections 1,2,3,4,
And 5 Effective on 12/8/08; Section
6 Effective 9/30/08
Am Sub HB 420 State Program Effectiveness, Task Force on Law Library Associations, Higher Education and Higher Education Funds, Governor's Policy Information Working Group………to Make Appropriation and to Declare an Emergency effective 12/30/08
Sub HB 427 Practice of Marriage and Family Theraphy 4/7/09
Sub HB 428 Regarding the Reporting of and Discipline for School Employee Misconduct 9/12/08
Am Sub HB 429 To Discontinue Compensation of Impacted Counties for Sales Tax Losses Incurred Under Destination-Based Sourcing, to Compensate Vendors Required to Convert from Destination-Based Sourcing to Origin-Based Sourcing, to Permit a Vendor, when Making a Refund, to Retain Amount of the Delivery Charge and Sales Taxes Attributable to the Charge,.... and to Declare an Emergency 4/18/08; immediate
effective date per
section 9 of the Act;
certain sections
effective on other
Am HB 435 Reform the Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 444 Construction Industry Licensing Laws, to Discipline Unlicensed Contractors 4/7/09
Am Sub HB 450 Permit a Member of the Armed Services or the Ohio National Guard who is Between the Ages of 18 and 21 to Purchase a Handgun 4/7/09
Sub HB 458 Townships to Use Money Derived from the General Current Expense Levy for Road and Bridge Construction and Repair……..and to Declare an Emergency effective 12/30/08
Sub HB 471 Change Certain Powers and Duties of Coroners 4/7/09
Sub HB 493 Anatomic Pathology Services 4/7/09
HB 496 To Make Capital Reappropriations for the Biennium Ending June 30, 2010, and Certain Capital Appropriations 6/20/08; certain
provisions effective
7/1/08 per Section
601.10 of the act
Sub HB 499 To Modify the Ohio Trust Code and the Fiduciary Law 9/12/08
Sub HB 500 Reduced Ignition Propensity Standards for Cigarettes 4/7/09; certain
sections have a later
effective date per
section 3 of the act.
Am HB 503 Experience and Training Requirements Necessary for Admission to Examination for a Psychologist License 4/7/09
Am HB 522 Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act 4/7/09 Sections 1 and
2 of this act take
effect on June 1,
2009 per section 3 of
this act
Sub HB 525 Format Requirements for Documents to be Recorded by a County Recorder 4/7/09; sections 1
and 2 of this act
except for the
enactment of section
3333.30, take effect
July 1, 2009.
Sub HB 529 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act 4/7/09
Sub HB 544 To Abolish the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation and Transfer Certain Powers of the Foundation to the Department of Health, to Make an Appropriation, and to Declare an Emergency……... 5/6/08; Emergency,
immediately effective
per section 11 of the
Sub HB 545 To Repeal the Check-Cashing Lender Law 9/1/08
Am Sub HB 554 To Establish the Ohio Bioproducts Development Program and Ohio Bioproducts Development Program 6/12/08; certain
sections effective on
other dates
Am Sub HB 562

Capital Bill

Some Sections Effective Immediately, on
Referendum Peiod, If Applicable Expires 9/22/08.
Other Sections Effective as Provided in the Act.
Sub HB 648 Require State Agencies to Adopt Rules Governing Access to the Confidential Personal Information that they Keep 4/7/09
HB 649 Provide Compensation to Veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts... Vetoed Vetoed

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Senate Bills

Bill No.DescriptionEffective Date
SUB SB 3 To Provide that the Privilege of Holding a Position of Honor, Trust, or Profit that is Forfeited by Reason of Conviction of Certain Felonies is not Restored on Completion of a Prison Term of Community Control Sanctions or Pardon or Release by the Adult Parole Authority.... and to Declare an Emergency 5/13/08; Emergency
AM SUB SB 7 To Implement the Recommendations of the Eminent Domain Task Force and to Create Other Procedures to Protect the Rights of Property Owners 10/10/07
AM SUB SB 10 To Revise the Ohio's Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law and Conform it to Recently Enacted Requirements of Federal Law Contained in the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006... to Declare an Emergency Emergency;
06/30/2007; Certain Sections Effective on Other Dates
SUB SB 16 To Restrict the Hours of Operation of Sexual Oriented Businesses, to Prohibit Patrons and Employees of a Sexually Oriented Business who are not Immediate Family Members from Touching Each Other While on the Premises of that Business 09/04/07
Am Sub SB 17 To Increase Certain Penalties for Repeat OVI Offenders 9/30/08
AM SB 18 To Prohibit an Offender from Having a Criminal Record Sealed when the Underlying Offense is Importuning for which the Conviction Occurs On or After the Effective Date of the Act 10/10/07
AM SB 20 To Increase the Income Tax Adoption Credit from $500 per Child to $1,500 08/30/07
SUB SB 24 To Require the Director of Development to Adopt Rules Regarding the Annual Competitive Process for the Job Ready Site Program 9/29/07
AM SB 25 To Create "Gold Star Family" License Plates 4/25/08
SUB SB 33 Regarding the Practice of Acupuncture by Chiropractors, the State Medical Board's Use of Private Attorneys as Temporary Hearing Examiners, and to Modify the Immunity from Liability that Applies Under the Drug Repository Program 08/22/07
SB 36 To Authorize Transportation Projects Entered into on or before May 1, 2008 2/29/08
SB 40 To Designate October as "German Heritage Month" 1/24/08
Sub SB 44 To Permit Local Jurisdictions to Request the Director of Transportation to Designate a Name for a Bridge 8/22/08
AM SB 58 To Modify the Authority of Pharmacists to Administer Immunizations and to Make Changes in Certain Voting Procedures of the State Board of Pharmacy 08/30/07
AM SUB SB 77 To Make Changes to the Law Governing Commercial Fishing 10/10/07
Am Sub SB 84 To Alow Boards of County Commissioners to Maintain Meeting Records by Electronic Means and to Specify an Additional Type of Emergency Management Agency for which Political Subdivision May.... Make an Appropriation 7/18/08
SUB SB 87 To Create the Statewide Emergency Alert Program to Aid in the Identification and Location of Missing Individuals who have a Mental Impairment or are Sixty-Five Years of Age or Older and to Establish Implementation of the Program to Make Changes in the Missing Persons Law Relating to Missing Persons Betwene the Ages of 18 and 21 and Missing Children Under Age 18 6/20/08
AM SUB SB 97 To Modify the Penalties for Violations of the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Law... to Declare an Emergency Emergency;
06/30/2007; Certain Sections Effective on Other Dates
AM SUB SB 102 To Authorize the F-8 Liquor Permit to be Issued to Certain Nonprofit Organizations to Allow the Sale of Beer and Intoxicating Liquor at Specific Events that Occur on Public Space that the Organization Manages... to Declare an Emergency 7/10/2007;
Sub SB 108 Prohibit a Court from Granting Judicial Release 4/7/09
AM SB 116 To Specify Conditions Under which a Claimaint's Unemployment Compensation Benefits are not Reduced... to Declare an Emergency 11/11/2007;
AM SUB SB 117 To Provide for the Issuance of Video Service Authorizations by the Director of Commerce 09/24/07
Am Sub SB 129 To Permit Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments to Remove Motor Vehicles from Roadways After Accidents…...to Delcare an Emergency effective 12/30/08
SB 134 To Provide that Memoranda of Trust be Executed and Acknowledged Only by the Trustee of the Trust Instead of Both the Settlor and Trustee 1/17/08
SB 143 To Establish a Limited Student Permit Category for Speech Language Pathology Interns...To Declare an Emergency 6/30/2007;
SB 144 To Require the Director of Health to Establish the Shaken Baby Syndrome Education Program 2/29/08
Am Sub SB 147 Dept of Rehabilitation and Correction to Recruit 4/7/09
SUB SB 148 To Revise Retirement Eligibility Requirements for Members of the School Employees Retirement System 5/14/08
Sub SB 150 To Modify, and Also to Clarify and Correct, the Law Pertaining to Liquor Control and Alcoholic Beverage Taxes 9/1/08; some
sections of law
effective 7/1/08
AM SUB SB 155 To Specify the Rate of Compensation of a Member of the Current or Previous General Assembly who is Appointed to Judicial Office... to Declare an Emergency Emergency;
12/21/07; Declared by the General Assembly to be
an Emergency-
Section 9 of the Act
AM SUB SB 157 To Specifically Authorize a Person to Designate a Guardian for the Person's Incompetent Adult Child and to Make Corrections Regarding Incompetent and Mentally Ill Persons 5/14/08
Sub SB 163 To Improve Foster Caregiver Background Checks, Clarify when a Court Must Order a Person to be Fingerprinted, Modify the Retained Applicant Fingerpritnt Database 8/14/08
Am Sub SB 171 To Make Certain Changes to the Laws Regulating Seconhand Dealers and Scrap Metal Dealers 9/11/08
Sub SB 175 To Enact the Grieving Parents Act 9/12/08
Sub SB 183 To Provide Mandatory Minimum Prison Terms 9/11/08
Sub SB 184 To Bar Recovery of Damages in Tort Actions Commenced by Criminal Offenders in Specified Circumstances 9/9/08
SUB SB 185 To Revise Certain Laws Governing Public Libraries and to Change the Name of the Library and Local Government Support Fund 6/20/08
Sub SB 186 To Prohibit Insurers, Public Employee Benefit Plans and Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements from Excluding Coverage for Routine Patient Care Administered as Part of a Cancer Clinical Trial. 8/5/08
Am SB 192 To Permit the Board of Health of a Health District to Enter into a Contract with a Board of County Commissioners to Authorize the County Building Department to Inspect Plumbing in any Type of Building.... to Declare an Emergency 4/8/08; immediate
effective date per
Section 4 of the Act
Sub SB 196 Preneed Funeral Contract Law 4/7/09; sections 1
and 2 of this act,
except for 3923.80 of
the Revised Code,
shall take effect
ninety days after the
effective date of this
act per section 3 of
this act.
Sub SB 203 Prohibit Unauthorized Pharmacy-Reated Drug Conduct Relative to Persons Employed as Pharmacy Technicians 4/8/09
SUB SB 209 To Direct that a Specified Amount of OVI Fines be Credited to the State Public Defender for County Indigent Criminal Defense Reimbursement 6/25/08; Certain
sections may have
immediate effect per
Section 6 of the
SB 214 To Prohibit the Sale of Dishwasher Detergent that Contains Above a Specified Amount of Phosphorus 9/1/08
SB 219 To Make the Period of Limitation for the Criminal Prosecution of a Person for an Offense Directly Related to Misconduct in Office of a Public Servant the Same as the Period of Limitation for the Criminal Prosecution of that Public Servant for the Offense Involving the Pubilc Servant's Misconduct in Ofice. 7/21/08
Sub SB 220 To Provide Increased Penalties for Violations of a Bylaw or Rule Adopted by a Board of Park Commissioners 9/30/08
Am Sub SB 221 To Revise State Energy Policy to Address Electric Service Price Regulation, Establish Alternative Energy Benchmarks for Electric Distribution Utilities and Electric Service Companies 7/31/08
SUB SB 225 To Make Changes to the Architect Law 6/20/08
Sub SB 229 To Regulate the Practice of Radiologist Assistants 9/11/08; new section
4774.02 effective
nine months
thereafter per section
3 of the act
Am Sub SB 237 To Allow Transient Hotels to Permit Guests to Stay Longer than Thirty Days 9/12/08
Sub SB 241 To Modify the Law Governing Payment of County Expenses by a Financial Transaction Device. 7/18/08
Sub SB 243 Designate Various Official Days, Weeks, and Months, Etc. to Special License Plates, and Certain Memorial Highways and Bridges 4/7/09
Sub SB 245 To Modify the Laws Regarding the Practice of Acupuncturists 8/22/08
Sub SB 247 To Make Changes in the Credit Union Regulation Law 9/11/08
Am Sub SB 248 Exempty Certain Armed Forces Discharges 4/7/09
Am Sub SB 267 Pers Law Enforcement of Public Safety Officers Death Benefit Fund 3/24/09
Am Sub SB 268 To Allow a County Contracting Authority to Use Competitive Sealed Proposals 9/12/08
SB 269 Prohibit Any Person from Advertising or Conducting a Live Musical Performance or Production in Ohio through the use of False, Deceptive, or Misleading Affiliation, Connection, or Association 4/7/09
Am Sub SB 271 To Make Changes to the Laws Governing Watercraft, to Declare an Emergency….. 6/12/08; Emergency
effective immediately
Sub SB 277 New Cause of Action in Foreclosure in the Environmental Division of a Municipal Court to Abate Blighted Parcels. 4/7/09
Am Sub SB 279 Certain State Medical Board Procedures, Physician Assistants, Limited Branches of Medicine, the Submission of Information by Hospitals... to Declare an Emergency 1/6/09; immediately,
Sub SB 281 To Increase the Exemptions for Property 9/30/08
AM SB 286 To Clarify that an Optical Scan Ballot with More than the Proper Number of Selections for a Particular Office, Issue, or Question is Invalidated Only for that Office, issue or Question... to Declare an Emergency 2/27/2008
Am Sub SB 289 To Create a Department of Veterans Services and a Director of Veterans Services 8/22/08
SB 302 To Require a Will be Attested and Subscribed by the Witnesses in the Conscious Presence 9/11/08
Am SB 304 Increase Time After Birth that a Parent May Voluntarily Deliver Child to a Safe Haven 3/24/09
Sub SB 320 To Include Organized Retail Theft and Substantially Similar Conduct Occurring in Another State 4/7/09
Am SB 323 To Revise Certain Coal Mine Safety Requirements... to Declare an Emergency 6/11/08; Emergency
Am Sub SB 334 To Prohibit an Employee from Filing a Claim for Workers' Compensation Benefits in this State if the Employee has Received a Decision on the Merits of a Claim Filed in Another State for the Same Injury 9/11/08
Sub SB 353 Creation of Land Reutilization 4/7/09
SB 372 Environmental Audits 1/6/09; immediately,
Sub SB 380 Absent Voter's Ballot Identification Statements….. Vetoed Vetoed
Sub SB 386 Timely Issuance of Coal Mining and Reclamation Permits 4/7/09

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Joint Resolutions

HJR #3 To be placed on the ballot 06/23/08
HJR #5 To authorize the issuance of general and other obligations relating to environmental and related conservation, preservation and revitalization purposes 06/05/08
AM SUB SJR #8 To affirm certain property interests 06/23/08

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Statewide Ballot Issues


State Issue 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Provide for earlier filing deadlines for statewide ballot issues - Joint Resolution

State Issue 2: To authorize the State to issue bonds to continue the Clean Ohio program for environmental revitalization and conservation - Joint Resolution

State Issue 3: To amend the constitution to protect private property rights in ground water, lakes and other watercourses - Joint Resolution

State Issue 5:  Referendum on Legislation Making Changes to Check Cashing Lending, Sometimes Known as "Payday Lending," Fees, Interest Rates and Practices Initiative Petition

State Issue 6: To Amend the Constitution by Initiative Petition for a Casino Near Wilmington in Southwest Ohio and Distribute to All Ohio Counties a Tax on the Casino Initiative Petition and Summary


Members of the 127th General Assembly

List of O.R.C. sections affected

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Laws passed in 2008

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