Precinct Election Official Recruitment Toolkit

In an ongoing effort to assist county boards of elections in recruiting Precinct Election Officials (PEOs), the Office of the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has developed the following recruitment tools for county boards of elections to use in their efforts. If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Tlachac at

Recruitment Tools

Ohio Secretary of State’s PEO website

  • A URL,, links directly to the PEO page of the website to assist county boards of elections in their marketing efforts. Counties may use this link in their recruitment materials.
  • The "Be a Precinct Election Official" page includes an online submission form that allows interested voters to request more information about serving as a PEO. As submissions are received through the website, they will be forwarded via email to the appropriate county board of elections for follow up with the interested voter.

Letter to the Editor from Secretary Husted

  • Any county board of elections may request that the SOS press secretary customize this letter and distribute it to its local newspapers Please complete this form and e-mail to Once we have received your form, the letter can be ready for your local media in a week to 10 days.

Self-mailer Sign up Card

  • A self-mailer card is available to all boards of elections upon request. Interested voters, who pick up or receive the card, may complete the information on the card and return it through the mail.  You can request these cards here.

Promotional Poster


  • A web widget is a mini-web application any county board of elections may place on its individual web page, blog, or social profile. It easily provides visitors a link to the PEO Recruitment page of the Ohio Secretary of State's website. Each county board of elections may "copy" that code and "embed" it easily into its web page.
  • PEO Recruitment and other Secretary of State widgets may be accessed here.

“Refer a Friend” Mailer/Paycheck Insert

  • County board of elections may print these documents and insert them into paychecks, letters, etc. that are sent to PEOs, asking that they assist the board's recruitment efforts by passing the information on to family and friends.
  • The current PEO who is making the referral may add their name to the inserts to allow county boards of elections to track which current PEOs are referring new PEOs if a county board of elections has an incentive program in place or plans to develop such a program in the future.
  • The insert is available here.

PEO Recruitment Best Practices Overview

  • County boards of elections are encouraged to share practices they have found useful and think might benefit other boards. To submit a suggestion to the PEO Recruitment Best Practices Overview page, please email your idea to

Audience-Specific Recruitment

Many county boards of elections also have found success in tailoring their PEO recruitment efforts to specific groups of voters. Outreach methods, including tools that each county board of elections may tailor based on its specific needs, are included below.

Some other audiences boards might wish to consider targeting include:

  • Political Party Chairs
  • Senior Citizens
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Bilingual/Multilingual Voters
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Faith-based Organization Members
  • Special Interest Groups

Recruitment Materials

Government Employees