2012 Webinars

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Election Night Reporting November 6, 2012 General Election (10/18/2012)

Observers and Other Election Day Issues (9/25/2012)

Logic and Accuracy Testing: Principles and Practices (9/18/2012)

Absentee Voting (9/11/2012)

UOCAVA Ballot Delivery System (9/7/2012)

The Ballot: Design Layout and Proofing (8/28/2012)

Online Change of Address (8/9/2012) 

 EAC Survey (6/6/2012) 

 Developing an Election Administration Plan (5/17/2012)

2012 Update: ADA Compliance and HHS Grants (4/17/2012)

Advanced Campaign Finance for Statewide and General Assembly Candidates and Committees (1/19/2012)