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United States Senators from Ohio: 1803 - present

From 1803-1914, the United States Senators were elected by the General Assembly. Provision was made for their election by the electors of the state by an act of the Legislature of Ohio, February 1914. Term of Office: Six Years.

CongressName of U.S. SenatorPoliticsCountyTerm of ServiceRemarks
8,9Thomas WorthingtonDem.Ross1803-1807Took his seat Oct. 17, 1803; term to expire Mar. 3, 1807, as determined by lot.
8,9,10John SmithDem.Hamilton1803-Apr. 1808Took his seat Oct. 25, 1803; term to expire Mar. 3, 1809, as determined by lot.
 Return J. MeigsDem.WashingtonJan. 1809-Mar. 1809Elected, vice John Smith, resigned.
10,11,12Edward TiffinDem.Ross1807-Mar. 1809Resigned 1809.
 Stanley GriswoldDem.CuyahogaJune 1809-Dec. 1809Appointed until successor elected and qualified, vice Edward Tiffin, resigned.
 Alexander CampbellDem.BrownDec. 1809-Mar. 1813Elected, vice Stanley Griswold, vice Edward Tiffin, resigned.
11,12,13Return J. MeigsDem.Washington1809-Dec. 1810Resigned Dec. 1, 1810, to become Governor of Ohio.
 Thomas WorthingtonDem.RossDec. 1810-Dec. 1814Vice Return J. Meigs, resigned.
 Joseph KerrDem.RossDec. 1814-Mar. 1815Appointed, vice Thomas Worthington, who resigned Dec. 1814, to become Governor of Ohio.
13,14,15Jeremiah MorrowDem.Warren1813-1819 
14,15,16Benjamin RugglesDem.Belmont1815-1821 
16,17,18William A. TrimbleDem.Highland1819-Dec. 1821Died Dec. 13, 1821.
 Ethan Allen BrownDem.HamiltonJan. 1822-Mar. 1825Vice William A. Trimble, deceased.
17,18,19Benjamin RugglesDem.Belmont1821-1827 
 William Henry HarrisonWhigHamilton1825-May, 1828Resigned to become Minster to Colombia.
19,20,21Jacob BurnetFed.HamiltonDec. 1828-Mar. 1831Vice William Henry Harrison, resigned.
20,21,22Benjamin RugglesDem.Belmont1827-1833 
22,23,24Thomas EwingWhigFairfield1831-1837 
23,24,25Thomas MorrisDem.Clermont1833-1839 
25,26,27William AllenDem.Ross1837-1843 
26,27,28Benjamin TappanDem.Jefferson1839-1845 
28,29,30William AllenDem.Ross1843-1849 
29,30,31Thomas CorwinWhigWarren1845-July, 1850Resigned July 1850, to become Secretary of the Treasury.
 Thomas EwingWhigFairfieldJuly 1850-Mar. 1851Vice Thomas Corwin, resigned.
31,32,33Salmon P. ChaseRep.Hamilton1849-1855 
32,33,34Benjamin F. WadeRep.Ashtabula1851-1857 
34,35,36George E. PughDem.Hamilton1855-1861 
35,36,37Benjamin F. WadeRep.Ashtabula1857-1863 
37,38,39Salmon P. ChaseRep.HamiltonMar. 4, 1861Resigned to become Secretary of the Treasury.
38,39,40Benjamin F. WadeRep.Ashtabula1863-1869 
40,41,42John ShermanRep.Richland1867-1873 
41,42,43Allen G. ThurmanDem.Franklin1869-1875 
43,44,45John ShermanRep.Richland1873-Mar. 1877Resigned Mar. 1877, to become Secretary of the Treasury.
45Stanley MatthewsRep.HamiltonMar. 1877-Mar. 1879Vice John Sherman, resigned.
44,45,46Allen G. ThurmanDem.Franklin1875-1881 
46,47,48George H. PendletonDem.Hamilton1879-1885 
47,48,49James A. GarfieldRep.LakeElected for the term commencing Mar. 4, 1881, but resigned December 23, 1880, as he was elected President of the United States, Nov. 4, 1880.
47,48,49John ShermanRep.Richland1881-1887Elected vice James A. Garfield, resigned.
49,50,51Henry B. PayneDem.Cuyahoga1885-1891 
50,51,52John ShermanRep.Richland1887-1893 
52,53,54Calvin S. BriceDem.Allen1891-1897 
53,54,55John ShermanRep.Richland1893-Mar. 1897Resigned Mar. 1897, to become Secretary of State of the United States.
55Marcus A. HannaRep.CuyahogaMar. 1897-Mar. 1899Vice John Sherman, resigned.
55,56,57Joseph B. ForakerRep.Hamilton1897-1903 
56,57,58Marcus A. HannaRep.Cuyahoga1899-Feb. 1904Died Feb. 15, 1904.
58Charles DickRep.SummitMar. 1904-Mar. 1905Vice Marcus A. Hanna, deceased.
58,59,60Joseph B. ForakerRep.Hamilton1903-1909 
59,60,61Marcus A. HannaRep.CuyahogaElected Jan. 16, 1904, for term commencing March 4, 1905, but died Feb. 15, 1904 before taking office.
 Charles DickRep.Summit1905-1911Vice Marcus A. Hanna, deceased.
61,62,63Theodore E. BurtonRep.Cuyahoga1909-1915 
62,63,64Atlee PomereneDem.Stark1911-1917 
64,65,66Warren G. HardingRep.Marion1915-Jan. 1921Resigned Jan. 1921, to become President of the United States.
 Frank B. WillisRep.DelawareJan. 1921-Mar. 1921Appointed Jan. 10, 1921, for term ending Mar. 4, 1921, vice Warren G. Harding, resigned.
65,66,67Atlee PomereneDem.Stark1917-1923 
67,68,69Frank B. WillisRep.Delaware1921-1927 
68,69,70Simeon D. FessRep.Greene1923-1929 
70,71,72Frank B. WillisRep.Delaware1927-Mar. 1928Died Mar. 30, 1928.
70Cyrus LocherDem.CuyahogaApr. 1928-Nov. 1928Appointed April 5, 1928, vice Frank B. Willis, deceased.
70Theodore E. BurtonRep.CuyahogaNov. 1928-Oct. 1929Elected Nov. 1928, vice Cyrus Locher who was appointed vice Frank B. Willis, deceased.
71Roscoe C. McCullochRep.StarkNov. 1929-Nov. 1930Appointed Nov. 5, 1929, vice Theodore E. Burton who died Oct. 28, 1929.
71, 72Robert J. BulkleyDem.CuyahogaNov. 1930-Mar. 1933Elected Nov. 1930, vice Roscoe C. McCulloch, vice Theodore E. Burton, deceased.
71,72,73Simeon D. FessRep.Greene1929-1935 
73,74,75Robert J. BulkleyDem.Cuyahoga1933-1939 
74,75,76Vic DonaheyDem.Logan1935-1941 
76,77,78Robert A. TaftRep.Hamilton1939-1945 
77,78,79Harold H. BurtonRep.Cuyahoga1941-Sept. 1945Resigned Sept. 1945.
78,79James W. HuffmanDem.FranklinOct. 1945-Dec. 1946Appointed Oct. 1945, vice Harold H. Burton, resigned.
79Kingsley A. TaftRep.CuyahogaDec. 1946-Jan. 1947Elected Nov. 1946, vice James W. Huffman, vice Harold H. Burton, resigned.
79,80,81Robert A. TaftRep.Hamilton1945-1951 
80,81,82John W. BrickerRep.Franklin1947-1953 
82,83,84Robert A. TaftRep.Hamilton1951-July 1953Died July 31, 1953.
83Thomas A. BurkeDem.CuyahogaOct. 1953-1954Appointed Oct. 1953, vice Robert A. Taft, deceased.
83,84George H. BenderRep.Cuyahoga1954-1957Elected Nov. 1954, vice Thomas A. Burke who was appointed vice Robert A. Taft, deceased.
83,84,85John W. BrickerRep.Franklin1953-1959 
85,86,87Frank J. LauscheDem.Cuyahoga1957-1963 
86,87,88Stephen M. YoungDem.Cuyahoga1959-1965 
88,89,90Frank J. LauscheDem.Cuyahoga1963-1969 
89,90,91Stephen M. YoungDem.Cuyahoga1965-1971 
91,92,93William B. SaxbeRep.Champaign1969-Jan. 3, 1974Resigned to become U.S. Attorney General.
92,93,94Howard W. MetzenbaumDem.CuyahogaJan. 4, 1974- Dec. 23, 1974Resigned.
93John GlennDem.FranklinDec. 24, 1974-Jan. 3, 1975 
91,92,93,94Robert Taft Jr.Rep.Hamilton1971-Dec. 28, 1976Resigned.
94Howard M. MetzenbaumDem.CuyahogaDec. 29, 1976-Jan. 3, 1977 
John GlennDem.Franklin1975-1999 
95,96,97,98, 99,100,
101, 102, 103
Howard M. MetzenbaumDem.Cuyahoga1977-1995 
Michael DeWineRep.Greene1995-2007 
106, 107, 108, 109,110George VoinovichRep.Cuyahoga1999-2010 
110, 111
Sherrod BrownDem.Lorain2007- 
Rob Portman
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