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Justices of the Supreme Court of Ohio: 1787 - present

Judges of the Territorial Courts of the Northwest Territory, 1787-1802; Section 4 of the “Ordinance of 1787” provided that there should be “appointed a court to consist of three judges, and their commission shall continue in force during good behavior.” In accordance with this provision of the Ordinance, Congress elected three judges on October 16, 1787.

Name of JusticeTerm of ServiceRemarks
John ArmstrongOct. 1787-Oct. 1787Declined the appointment.
Samuel Holden ParsonsOct. 1787-Nov. 1789Deceased, November 1789.
James Mitchell VarnumOct. 1787-Feb. 1789Deceased, February 1789.
John Cleve SymmesFeb. 1788-April 1803Appointed February 19, 1788, vice John Armstrong, who declined the appointment.
William BartonAug. 1789-Aug. 1789Appointed, vice Judge Varnum, deceased; but declined the appointment.
George TurnerSept. 1789-1798Appointed, vice William Barton, who declined the appointment. Resigned 1798.
Rufus PutnamDec. 1789-1796Appointed vice Judge Parsons, deceased. Resigned 1796.
Joseph Gilman1796-April 1803Appointed 1796, vice Judge Putnam, resigned.
Return Jonathan Meigs Jr.Feb. 1798-April 1803Appointed February 12, 1798, vice Judge Turner, resigned.

The Constitution of 1802 provided for the election by the General Assembly of three judges for a term of office of seven years, and also vested in the General Assembly the power to authorize the selection of an additional judge at its discretion.

Name of JusticeCountyTerm of ServiceRemarks
Samuel HuntingtonTrumbullApr. 1803-Dec. 1808Resigned Dec. 1808.
Return Jonathan Meigs Jr.WashingtonApr. 1803-Dec. 1804Resigned Dec. 1804.
William SpriggsJeffersonApr. 1803-Apr. 1806Resigned April, 1806.
Daniel SymmesHamiltonJan. 1805-Jan. 1808Vice Judge Meigs-Resigned Jan. 8, 1808.
George TodTrumbullApr. 1806-1810Appointed, 1806, by  Governor Tiffin, vice Judge Spriggs, and elected Jan. 1, 1807.
William SpriggsJeffersonFeb. 1808-1810Vice Judge Symmes, resigned.
Return Jonathan Meigs Jr.WashingtonFeb. 1808-Jan. 1809Additional Judge elected Feb. 13, 1808.  Resigned Jan. 1809.
Thomas ScottRossFeb. 1809-Feb. 1816Elected Jan. 17, 1809, vice Judge Huntington. Resigned Feb. 1816.
Thomas MorrisClermontFeb. 1809-1809Elected Feb. 17, 1809, vice Judge Meigs. However, Judge Morris failed to qualify and the General Assembly abolished the additional judgeship in 1810.
William W. IrwinFairfieldFeb. 1810-Feb. 1816Elected Feb. 10, 1810, and resigned Feb. 1816
Ethan Allen BrownHamiltonFeb. 1810-Dec. 1818Elected Feb. 10, 1810, re-elected 1817, and resigned Dec. 1818.
Jessup N. CouchRossFeb. 1816-1821Elected Feb. 17, 1816, vice Judge Scott.  Died 1821.
John McLeanWarrenFeb. 1816-1822Elected Feb. 17, 1816, vice Judge Irwin.  Resigned 1822.
Calvin PeaseTrumbullFeb. 1816-Feb. 1830Additional judge elected Feb. 17, 1816.
Peter HitchcockGeaugaFeb. 1819-Feb.,1833Elected Jan. 30, 1819, vice Judge Brown, resigned.
Jacob BurnettHamilton1821-Dec. 1828Elected 1821, vice Judge Couch, deceased.  Resigned Dec. 11, 1828.
Charles R. ShermanFairfieldJan. 1823-1829Elected Jan. 11, 1823, vice Judge McLean.  Died 1829.
Joshua CollettWarrenFeb. 1829-Feb. 1836Elected Feb. 6, 1829, vice Judge Burnett, resigned.
Elijah HaywardHamiltonFeb. 1830-1830Elected Jan. 30, 1830, vice Judge Pease, whose term would expire Feb. 1830.  Resigned 1830.
John Milton GoodenowJeffersonFeb. 1830-1830Elected Feb. 1, 1830, vice Judge Sherman, deceased. Resigned 1830.
Henry BrushRoss1830-1831Appointed by the Governor, 1830, vice Judge Goodenow, resigned.
Gustave SwanFranklin1830-1831Appointed by the Governor in 1830 to serve an unexpired term ending 1831.
Ebenezer LaneHuronDec. 1830-Dec. 1844Elected Dec. 18, 1830, vice Judge Hayward, resigned, re-elected Dec. 18, 1837,  for full term of seven years, and re-elected Dec. 5, 1844, but resigned Dec. 1844.
John C. WrightJefferson1831-Feb. 1835Elected Dec. 29, 1830 to succeed Judge Brush who was not a candidate before the General Assembly. Resigned Feb. 2, 1835.
Reuben WoodCuyahogaFeb. 1833-Feb. 1847Elected Dec. 17, 1832, and re-elected Dec. 1839.
Peter HitchcockGeaugaFeb. 1835-Feb. 1842Elected Feb. 28, 1835, vice Judge Wright, resigned.
Frederick GrimkeRossFeb. 1836-1842Elected Jan. 30, 1836, vice Judge Collett, whose term would expire Feb. 1836. Resigned 1842.
Matthew BirchardTrumbullFeb. 1842-Feb. 1849Elected Jan. 15, 1842, vice Judge Hitchcock whose term would expire Feb. 15, 1842.
Nathaniel C. ReedHamiltonMar. 1842-1849Elected Mar. 5, 1842, vice Judge Grimke. Resigned 1849.
Peter Hitchcock1GeaugaDec. 1844-Feb. 1852Elected Dec. 27, 1844, vice Judge Lane, resigned.
Edward AveryWayneFeb. 1847-1851Elected Jan. 15, 1847, vice Judge Wood, whose term would expire Feb. 1847. Resigned 1851.
Rufus P. Spalding1SummitMar. 1849-Feb. 1852Elected Feb. 22, 1849, vice Judge Reed, resigned.
William B. Caldwell1HamiltonMar. 1849-Feb. 1852Elected Feb. 22, 1849, vice Judge Birchard,whose term expired Feb. 1849.
Rufus P. Ranney1TrumbullMar. 1851-Feb. 1852Elected March 17, 1851, vice Judge Avery, resigned.
1-Served until “the second Monday in February 1852” when the terms of the judges elected under the Constitution of 1851 commenced. (The Constitution of 1851 provided for the election by the people of five judges of the Supreme Court of Ohio for a term of office of five years.)
William B. CaldwellHamiltonFeb. 1852-Feb. 1853Term of one year determined by lot.
Thomas W. BartleyRichlandFeb. 1852-Feb. 1854Term of two years determined by lot.
John A. CorwinChampaignFeb. 1852-Dec. 1854Term of three years determined by lot. Resigned Dec. 1854.
Robert B. WardenFranklinDec. 1854-Feb. 1855Appointed, vice John A. Corwin, resigned.
Allen G. ThurmanRossFeb. 1852-Mar. 1856Term of four years determined by lot. Served until Mar. 1856.
Rufus P. RanneyTrumbullFeb. 1852-Feb. 1857Term of five years determined by lot.
William B. CaldwellHamiltonFeb. 1853-Dec. 1854Resigned Dec. 1854.
William KennonBelmontDec. 1854-Mar. 1856Appointed, vice William B.  Caldwell, resigned.
Thomas W. BartleyRichlandFeb. 1854-Feb. 1859 
Joseph R. SwanFranklinFeb. 1855-Nov. 1859Resigned Nov. 1859.
William Y. GholsonHamiltonNov. 1859-Feb. 1860Appointed, vice Joseph R. Swan, resigned.
Jacob BrinkerhoffRichlandMar. 1856-Feb. 1861Took office Mar. 1856.
Charles C. ConversMuskingumMar. 1856-May, 1856Took office Mar. 1856, and resigned May 1856.
Ozias BowenMarionMay, 1856-Feb. 1858Appointed, vice Charles C. Convers, resigned.
Milton SutliffTrumbullFeb. 1858-Feb. 1861Elected Oct. 1857, vice Judge Bowen, who was  appointed vice Charles C. Convers, resigned.
Josiah ScottButlerFeb. 1857-Feb. 1862 
William V. PeckSciotoFeb. 1859-Feb. 1864 
William Y. GholsonHamiltonFeb. 1860-Dec. 1863Resigned Dec. 1863.
Horace WilderAshtabulaDec. 1863-Feb. 1865Appointed, vice William Y. Gholson, resigned.
Jacob BrinkerhoffRichlandFeb. 1861-Feb. 1866 
Josiah ScottButlerFeb. 1862-Feb. 1867 
Rufus P. RanneyTrumbullFeb. 1863-Feb. 1865Resigned Feb. 1865.
John WelchAthensFeb. 1865-Feb. 1868Appointed, vice Rufus P. Rainey, resigned.
Hocking HunterFairfieldFeb. 1864-Feb. 1864Took his seat Feb. 9, 1864, and resigned the same day.
William WhiteClarkFeb. 1864-Feb. 1869Appointed vice Hocking Hunter, resigned.
Luther DayPortageFeb. 1865-Feb. 1870 
Jacob BrinkerhoffRichlandFeb. 1866-Feb. 1871 
Josiah ScottButlerFeb. 1867-Feb. 1872 
John WelchAthensFeb. 1868-Feb. 1873 
William WhiteClarkFeb. 1869-Feb. 1874 
Luther DayPortageFeb. 1870-Feb. 1875 
George W. McIlvaineTuscarawasFeb. 1871-Feb. 1876 
William H. WestLoganFeb. 1872-1873Resigned 1873.
Walter F. StoneErie1873-Sept. 1874Appointed vice Wm. H. West resigned, Sept. 1874.
George RexWayneSept. 1874-Feb. 1877Appointed vice Walter F. Stone, who was appointed vice Wm. H. West, resigned.
John WelchAthensFeb. 1873-Feb. 1878 
William WhiteClarkFeb. 1874-Feb. 1879 
William J. GilmorePrebleFeb. 1875-Feb. 1880 
George W. McIlvaineTuscarawasFeb. 1876-Feb. 1881 
W.W. BoyntonLorainFeb. 1877-Nov. 1881Resigned Nov. 1881.
Nicholas LongworthHamiltonNov. 1881-Feb. 1882Appointed, vice W.W. Boynton, resigned.
John W. OkeyHamiltonFeb. 1878-Feb. 1883 
William WhiteClarkFeb. 1879-Mar. 1883Deceased March 1883.
William H. UpsonSummitMar. 1883-Dec. 1883Appointed vice William White, deceased.
Selwyn N. OwenWilliamsDec. 1881-Feb. 1884Elected vice William H. Upson, who was appointed vice, William White, deceased.
William W. JohnsonLawrenceFeb. 1880-Feb. 1885 
George W. McIlvaineTuscarawasFeb. 1881-Feb. 1886 
Nicholas LongworthHamiltonFeb. 1882-Mar. 1883Resigned March, 1883.
John H. DoyleLucasMar. 1883-Dec. 1883Appointed vice Nicholas Longworth, resigned.
Martin D. FollettWashingtonDec. 1883-Feb. 1887Elected vice John H. Doyle, who was appointed, vice Nicholas Longworth, resigned.
John W. OkeyHamiltonFeb. 1883-July, 1885Deceased July 25, 1885.
Gibson AthertonLickingAug. 1885-Dec. 1885Appointed vice John W. Okey, deceased.
William T. SpearTrumbullDec. 1885-Feb. 1888Elected vice Gibson Atherton, who was appointed vice John W. Okey, deceased.
Selwyn N. OwenWilliamsFeb. 1884-Feb. 1889 
William W. JohnsonLawrenceFeb. 1885-Nov. 1886Resigned Nov. 1886.
Franklin J. DickmanCuyahogaNov. 1886-Feb. 1890Vice William W. Johnson, resigned.
Thaddeus A. MinshallRossFeb. 1886-Feb. 1891 
Marshall J. WilliamsFayetteFeb. 1887-Feb. 1892 
William T. SpearTrumbullFeb. 1888-Feb. 1893 
Joseph P. BradburyGalliaFeb. 1889-Feb. 1894 
(In 1892, under a new law, the membership of the Court was increased from five to six members, and the term of office changed from five to six years.)
Franklin J. DickmanCuyahogaFeb. 1890-Feb. 1895 
Thaddeus A. MinshallRossFeb. 1891-Feb. 1896 
Marshall J. WilliamsFayetteFeb. 1892-Feb. 1897 
Jacob F. BurnettHancockFeb. 1893-Feb. 1898Elected for term of five years.
William T. SpearTrumbullFeb. 1893-Feb. 1899 
Joseph P. BradburyGalliaFeb. 1894-Jan. 1900Resigned Jan. 1900.
William Z. DavisMarionJan. 1900-Feb. 1900Appointed, vice Joseph P. Bradbury, resigned.
John A. ShauckMontgomeryFeb. 1895-Feb. 1901 
Thaddeus A. MinshallRossFeb. 1896-Feb. 1902 
Marshall J. WilliamsFayetteFeb. 1897-July, 1902Died July 7, 1902.
William B. CrewMorganJuly, 1902-Feb. 1903Appointed, July 1902, and elected Nov. 1902, vice Marshall J. Williams, deceased.
Jacob F. BurnettHancockFeb. 1898-Feb. 1904 
William T. SpearTrumbullFeb. 1899-Feb. 1905 
William Z. DavisMarionFeb. 1900-Feb. 1906 
John A. ShauckMontgomeryFeb. 1901-Jan. 1909 
James L. PriceAllenFeb. 1902-Jan. 1909 
William B. CrewMorganFeb. 1903-Jan. 1911Term extended by Act of April 2, 1906
Augustus N. SummersClarkFeb. 1904-Jan. 1911 
William T. SpearTrumbullFeb. 1905-Jan. 1913 
William Z. DavisMarionFeb. 1906-Jan. 1913 
John A. ShauckMontgomeryJan. 1909-Dec. 1914 
James L. PriceAllenJan. 1909-Mar. 1912Died March 11, 1912.
Joseph W. O’HaraHamiltonApr. 1912-Nov. 1912Appointed April 1912, vice James L. Price deceased.
J. Foster WilkinTuscarawasNov. 1912-Dec. 1914Elected Nov. 1912, vice Joseph W. O’Hara who was appointed vice James L. Price, deceased.
Maurice H. DonahuePerryJan. 1911-Dec. 1916 
James G. JohnsonClarkJan. 1911-Dec. 1916 
Oscar W. NewmanSciotoJan. 1913-Dec. 1918 
R.M. WanamakerSummitJan. 1913-Dec. 1918 
(A law of 1913 provided for the election by the people at the election of November 1914, of a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for a term of six years.)
Hugh L. Nicholas, Chief JusticeClermontJan. 1915-Dec. 1920 
Thomas A. JonesJacksonJan. 1915-Dec. 1920 
Edward S. MatthiasVan WertJan. 1915-Dec. 1920 
Maurice H. DonahuePerryJan. 1917-Nov. 1919Resigned Nov. 11, 1919.
Stanley W. MerrillHamiltonNov. 1919-June, 1920Appointed Nov. 1919, vice Maurice H. Donahue,  resigned.
Coleman AveryHamiltonJune, 1920-Nov. 1920Appointed June 1920, vice Stanley W. Merrill,  resigned, who was appointed, vice Maurice H. Donahue.
Benson W. HoughDelawareNov. 1920-Dec. 1922Elected Nov. 1920, vice Coleman Avery, vice Stanley W. Merrill,  vice Maurice H. Donahue.
James G. JohnsonClarkJan. 1917-Aug. 1922Resigned Aug. 3, 1922.
George H. ClarkStarkAug. 1922-Dec. 1922Appointed Aug. 1922, and elected Nov. 1922, vice James G. Johnson.
James E. RobinsonUnionJan. 1919-Dec. 1924 
R.M. WanamakerSummitJan. 1919-June 1, 1924Deceased June 18, 1924.
Harry L. ConnVan WertJune 1924-Dec. 2, 1924Appointed June 1924, and elected Nov. 1924, vice R.M. Wanamaker, deceased.
Carrington T. Marshall, Chief JusticeMuskingumJan. 1921-Dec. 1926 
Thomas A. JonesJacksonJan. 1921-Dec. 1926 
Edward S. MatthiasVan WertJan. 1921-Dec. 1926 
Florence E. AllenCuyahogaJan. 1923-Dec. 1928 
Robert H. DayStarkJan. 1923-Dec. 1928 
Reynolds R. KinkadeLucasJan. 1925-Dec. 1930 
James E. RobinsonUnionJan. 1925-Dec. 1930 
Carrington T. Marshall, Chief JusticeMuskingumJan. 1927-Dec. 1932 
Thomas A. JonesJacksonJan. 1927-Dec. 1932 
Edward S. MatthiasVan WertJan. 1927-Dec. 1932 
Florence E. AllenCuyahogaJan. 1929-Apr. 1934Resigned April, 1934.
Robert N. WilkinTuscarawasApr. 1934-Dec. 1934Appointed April 1934, vice Florence E. Allen, resigned.
William L. HartStarkNov. 1934-Dec. 1934Elected Nov. 1934, vice Robert N. Wilkin, who was appointed vice Florence E. Allen.
Robert H. DayStarkJan. 1929-Sept. 1933Died, Sept. 1933.
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkOct. 1933-Nov. 1934Appointed Oct. 1933, vice Robert H. Day, deceased.
W.F. GarverHolmesNov. 1934-Dec. 1934Elected Nov. 1934, vice Charles B. Zimmerman, who was appointed vice Robert H. Day.
James E. RobinsonUnionJan. 1931-Jan. 1932Died Jan. 27, 1932.
Will P. StephensonAdamsJan. 1932-Dec. 1936Appointed Jan. 1932, and elected Nov. 1932, vice  James E. Robinson, deceased.
Reynolds R. KinkadeLucasJan. 1931-May, 1933Resigned May 15, 1933.
Howard L. BevisHamiltonMay, 1933-Nov. 1934Appointed May 1933 vice  Reynolds R. Kinkade, resigned.
Roy H. WilliamsErieNov. 1934-Dec. 1936Elected Nov. 1934, vice Howard L. Bevis, who was appointed,  vice Reynolds R. Kinkade.
Carl V. Weygandt, Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1933-Dec. 1938 
Thomas A. JonesJacksonJan. 1933-Aug. 1937Died August 1937.
Robert N. GormanHamiltonSept. 1937-Nov. 1938Appointed Sept. 1937, vice Thomas A. Jones, deceased.
William C. DixonCuyahogaNov. 1938-Dec. 1938Elected Nov. 1938, vice Robert N. Gorman who was appointed, vice Thomas A. Jones.
Edward S. MatthiasVan WertJan. 1933-Dec. 1938 
Arthur H. DayCuyahogaJan. 1935-Dec. 1940 
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkJan. 1935-Dec. 1940 
George S. MyersCuyahogaJan. 1937-May, 1940Deceased May 1940.
Edward C. TurnerFranklinOct. 1940-Jan. 1, 1943Appointed Oct. 1940, and  elected Nov. 1940, vice George S. Myers, deceased.
Roy H. WilliamsErieJan. 1937-Dec. 1942 
Carl V. Weygandt, Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1939-Dec. 1944 
Edward S. MatthiasVan WertJan. 1, 1939-Dec. 1944 
William L. HartStarkJan. 2, 1939-Jan. 1945 
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkJan. 1, 1941-Dec. 1946 
Gilbert BettmanHamiltonJan. 2, 1941-July, 1942Died July 17, 1942.
Charles S. BellHamiltonNov. 1942-Jan. 1, 1947Elected Nov. 1942, for unexpired term ending Jan. 1, 1947,  vice Gilbert Bettman, deceased.
Roy H. WilliamsErieJan. 1, 1943-Dec. 1946Died Dec. 1946
Robert M. SohngenButlerDec. 1946-Dec. 1948Appointed Dec. 1946, for unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 1948.
Edward C. TurnerFranklinJan. 2, 1943-Jan. 1949 
Carl V. Weygandt, Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1945-Dec. 1950 
Edward S. MatthiasVan WertJan. 1, 1945-Dec. 1950 
William L. HartStarkJan. 2, 1945-Jan. 1, 1951 
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkJan. 1, 1941-Dec. 1946 
Charles S. BellHamiltonJan. 2, 1947-Mar. 1, 1947Resigned, effective March 1, 1947
James Garfield StewartHamiltonMar. 1, 1947-Jan. 1, 1953Appointed, effective March 1, 1947, and elected Nov. 1948, vice Charles S. Bell, resigned.
Edward C. TurnerFranklinJan. 1, 1949-Oct. 1950Died Oct. 1950.
Howard E. FoughtGuernseyOct. 1950-Nov. 1950Appointed Oct. 1950, vice Edward C. Turner, deceased.
Henry A. MiddletownLucasNov. 1950-1954Elected Nov. 1950, vice Howard E. Fought who was appointed, vice Edward C. Turner, deceased.
Kingsley A. TaftCuyahogaJan. 2, 1949-Jan. 1, 1955 
Carl V. Weygandt,  Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1951-Dec. 31, 1956 
Edward S. MatthiasFranklinJan. 1, 1951-Nov. 1953Died Nov. 1953
John H. LamneckTuscarawasNov. 1953-Nov. 1954Appointed Nov. 1953, vice Edward S. Matthias, deceased.
John M. MatthiasFranklinNov. 1954-Dec. 31, 1956Elected Nov. 1954, vice John H. Lamneck who was appointed vice Edward S. Matthias, deceased.
William L. HartStarkJan. 2, 1951-Jan. 1, 1957 
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkJan. 1, 1953-Dec. 31, 1959 
James Garfield StewartHamiltonJan. 2, 1953-Jan. 1, 1959 
James F. BellMadisonJan. 1, 1955-Dec. 31, 1960 
Kingsley A. TaftCuyahogaJan. 2, 1955-Jan. 1, 1961 
Carl V. Weygandt,  Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1957-Dec. 31, 1962 
John M. MatthiasFranklinJan. 1, 1957-Dec. 31, 1962 
Thomas J. HerbertCuyahogaJan. 2, 1957-Jan. 1, 1963 
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkJan. 1, 1959-Dec. 31, 1964 
James Garfield StewartHamiltonJan. 2, 1959-Apr. 3, 1959Died April 3, 1959.
John W. PeckHamiltonApr. 23, 1959-Nov. 30, 1960Appointed, vice James Garfield Stewart, deceased.
C. William O’NeillWashingtonNov. 30, 1960-Jan. 1, 1965Elected Nov. 1960, vice John W. Peck, who was appointed vice James Garfield Stewart, deceased.
James F. BellMadisonJan. 1, 1961-Oct. 9, 1962Resigned.
Lynn B. GriffithTrumbullOct. 9, 1962-Nov. 1964Appointed, vice James F. Bell, resigned. Lynn B. Griffith, who was appointed vice James F. Bell.
Louis J. Schneide Jr.HamiltonNov. 1964-Dec. 31, 1966Elected Nov. 1964, vice Lynn B. Griffith, who was appointed vice James F. Bell.
Kingsley A. TaftCuyahogaJan. 2, 1961-Dec. 31, 1962Resigned.
Rankin GibsonFranklinJan. 1, 1963-Nov. 1964Appointed, vice Kingsley A. Taft, resigned.
Paul W. BrownMahoningNov. 1964-Jan. 1, 1967Elected Nov. 1964, vice Rankin Gibson, who was appointed vice Kingsley A. Taft.
Kingsley A. Taft, Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1963-Dec. 31, 1968 
John M. MatthiasFranklinJan. 1, 1963-Dec. 31, 1968 
Paul M. HerbertFranklinJan. 2, 1963-Jan. 1, 1969 
Charles B. ZimmermanClarkJan. 1, 1965-June 5, 1969Deceased.
(With the passage of a Constitutional Amendment at the May 1968 Primary Election, the title of Judge of the Supreme Court was changed to Justice of the Supreme Court.)
J.J.P. CorriganCuyahogaSep. 12, 1969-Dec. 31, 1970Appointed, vice Charles B. Zimmerman, deceased
C. William O’NeillFranklinJan. 2, 1965-Apr. 4, 1970Resigned.
Leonard J. SternFranklinAug. 24, 1970-Jan. 1, 1971Appointed, vice C. William O’Neill, resigned.
Louis J. Schneider Jr.HamiltonJan. 1, 1967-Dec. 31, 1972 
Paul W. BrownFranklinJan. 2, 1967-Dec. 31, 1968Resigned.
Robert M. DuncanFranklinJan. 2, 1969-Nov. 26, 1971Appointed Dec. 1968, and  elected Nov. 1970, vice Paul W. Brown resigned.
Lloyed O. BrownCuyahogaDec. 1971-Jan. 1, 1973Appointed, vice Robert W. Duncan, resigned.
Kingsley A. Taft,  Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1969-Mar. 28, 1970Deceased.
C. William O’Neill, Chief JusticeFranklinApr. 3, 1970-Dec. 31, 1974Appointed Apr. 1970, and elected Nov. 1970, vice Kingsley A. Taft, deceased.
John M. MatthiasFranklinJan. 1, 1969-Sep. 1970Resigned.
Robert E. LeachFranklinSep. 25, 1970-Aug. 21, 1978Appointed, vice John M. Matthias, resigned.
Frank D. CelebrezzeCuyahogaDec. 8, 1972-Dec. 31, 1974Elected Nov. 1972, vice Robert E. Leach, who was appointed vice John M. Matthias.
Thomas M. HerbertFranklinJan. 2, 1969-Jan. 1, 1975 
J.J.P. CorriganCuyahogaJan. 1, 1971-Dec. 31, 1976 
Leonard J. SternFranklinJan. 2, 1971-Jan. 1, 1977 
William B. BrownRossJan. 1, 1973-Dec. 31, 1978 
Paul W. BrownFranklinJan. 2, 1973-Jan. 1, 1979 
C. William O’Neill, Chief JusticeFranklinJan. 1, 1975-Aug. 20, 1978Deceased.
Robert E. Leach, Chief JusticeFranklinAug. 21, 1978-Dec. 10, 1978Appointed, vice C. William O’Neill, deceased.
Frank D. CelebrezzeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1975-Dec. 10, 1978Resigned.
Frank D. Celebrezze, Chief JusticeCuyahogaDec. 1, 1978-Dec. 31, 1980Elected Nov. 1978, vice Robert E. Leach, who was appointed, vice C. William O’Neill.
Robert E. HolmesFranklinDec. 11, 1978-Dec. 31, 1980Appointed, vice Frank D. Celebrezze, who was elected Chief Justice.
Thomas M. HerbertFranklinJan. 2, 1975-July 31, 1980Resigned.
David D. DowdFranklinJuly 31, 1980-Jan. 1, 1981Appointed vice Thomas M. Herbert, resigned.
A. William SweeneyHamiltonJan. 1, 1977-Dec. 31, 1994 
Ralph S. LocherCuyahogaJan. 2, 1977-Dec. 31, 1986 
William B. BrownFranklinJan. 1, 1979-Dec. 31, 1984 
Paul W. BrownFranklinJan. 2, 1979-Sept. 1, 1981Resigned.
Blanche KrupanskyFranklinSept. 1, 1981-Dec. 1982Appointed, vice Paul W. Brown, resigned.
Frank D. Celebrezze, Chief JusticeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1981-Dec. 31, 1986 
Robert E. HolmesFranklinJan. 1, 1981-Dec. 31, 1992 
Clifford F. BrownHuronJan. 2, 1981-Jan. 1, 1987 
James P. CelebrezzeCuyahogaJan. 1, 1983- Jan. 1 1985Elected Nov. 1982, for the unexpired term.
Andrew DouglasLucasJan. 1, 1985-Dec. 31, 2002 
Craig WrightFranklinJan. 2, 1985-March 6, 1996 
Thomas J. Moyer, Chief JusticeFranklinJan. 1, 1987- 
Herbert R. BrownFranklinJan. 2, 1987-Jan. 1, 1993 
Alice Robie ResnickLucasJan. 2, 1989-Jan. 1 2007 
Paul E. PfeiferCrawfordJan. 2, 1993- 
Francis E. SweeneyCuyahogaJan. 1, 1993-Dec. 31, 2004 
Deborah CookSummitJan. 1, 1995-May 16, 2003 
Evelyn StrattonFranklinMarch 7, 1996- 
Maureen O’ConnorSummitJan. 1, 2003- 
Terrance O’DonnellCuyahogaMay 19, 2003-Appointed, vice Deborah Cook, Resigned.
Judith LanzingerLucasJan. 1, 2005- 
Robert CuppAllenJan. 2, 2007- 

The Supreme Court Commission of Ohio

(See Constitution of Ohio, Article IV, Section 21.)
Commission of 1876
(Appointed February 2, 1876, and served until February 2, 1879.)

Luther Day, of Portage County; Richard A. Harrison, of Franklin County; William W. Johnson, of Lawrence County; Josiah Scott, of Crawford County; Henry C. Whitman, of Hamilton County; and D. Thew Wright, of Hamilton County.

Richard A. Harrison refused to accept the appointment and Thomas Q. Ashburn, of Clermont County, was appointed in his place and took his seat on March 16, 1878.

Commission of 1883
(Appointed in 1883, and served from April 17, 1883, to April 16, 1885.)

Franklin J. Dickman, of Cuyahoga County; Charles D. Martin, of Fairfield County; John McCauley, of Seneca County; and George K. Nash, of Franklin County.

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