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Republican Ohio Supreme Court - Term beginning 1/2/2001: March 7, 2000

Official Tabulation
Terrence O`Donnell

CountyCandidatePercentage of Precincts ReportingNumber of Registered VotersVotes
Adams Terrence O`Donnell100%17,1752,671
Allen Terrence O`Donnell100%67,03012,455
Ashland Terrence O`Donnell100%29,5426,315
Ashtabula Terrence O`Donnell100%64,4367,191
Athens Terrence O`Donnell100%44,9343,467
Auglaize Terrence O`Donnell100%27,4855,315
Belmont Terrence O`Donnell100%50,7483,605
Brown Terrence O`Donnell100%25,6023,072
Butler Terrence O`Donnell100%202,30131,949
Carroll Terrence O`Donnell100%23,1502,954
Champaign Terrence O`Donnell100%26,0534,266
Clark Terrence O`Donnell100%86,83712,714
Clermont Terrence O`Donnell100%110,50018,117
Clinton Terrence O`Donnell100%23,7545,013
ColumbianaTerrence O`Donnell100%71,8179,609
Coshocton Terrence O`Donnell100%20,1123,863
Crawford Terrence O`Donnell100%30,5614,419
Cuyahoga Terrence O`Donnell100%973,11474,813
Darke Terrence O`Donnell100%35,1686,544
Defiance Terrence O`Donnell100%24,9972,888
Delaware Terrence O`Donnell100%72,00514,870
Erie Terrence O`Donnell100%53,4616,975
Fairfield Terrence O`Donnell100%77,04017,517
Fayette Terrence O`Donnell100%14,1983,253
Franklin Terrence O`Donnell100%633,15780,759
Fulton Terrence O`Donnell100%26,8495,021
Gallia Terrence O`Donnell100%20,8573,285
Geauga Terrence O`Donnell100%59,0869,534
Greene Terrence O`Donnell100%96,63017,594
Guernsey Terrence O`Donnell100%20,3322,908
Hamilton Terrence O`Donnell100%560,95964,742
Hancock Terrence O`Donnell100%44,3448,939
Hardin Terrence O`Donnell100%19,2282,529
Harrison Terrence O`Donnell100%11,0571,309
Henry Terrence O`Donnell100%18,9402,416
Highland Terrence O`Donnell100%23,6114,271
Hocking Terrence O`Donnell100%16,0271,887
Holmes Terrence O`Donnell100%16,1792,286
Huron Terrence O`Donnell100%34,2914,384
Jackson Terrence O`Donnell100%22,7784,160
Jefferson Terrence O`Donnell100%53,8034,345
Knox Terrence O`Donnell100%33,3695,261
Lake Terrence O`Donnell100%147,02316,365
Lawrence Terrence O`Donnell100%43,7104,990
Licking Terrence O`Donnell100%94,06416,468
Logan Terrence O`Donnell100%29,3505,014
Lorain Terrence O`Donnell100%178,77516,096
Lucas Terrence O`Donnell100%287,46117,949
Madison Terrence O`Donnell100%21,8803,997
Mahoning Terrence O`Donnell100%173,95911,726
Marion Terrence O`Donnell100%40,6535,093
Medina Terrence O`Donnell100%97,38014,844
Meigs Terrence O`Donnell100%15,8302,752
Mercer Terrence O`Donnell100%24,9704,274
Miami Terrence O`Donnell100%74,73712,033
Monroe Terrence O`Donnell100%10,964746
MontgomeryTerrence O`Donnell100%354,85940,969
Morgan Terrence O`Donnell100%9,2902,579
Morrow Terrence O`Donnell100%23,0443,664
Muskingum Terrence O`Donnell100%53,1317,665
Noble Terrence O`Donnell100%8,2431,456
Ottawa Terrence O`Donnell100%27,6453,229
Paulding Terrence O`Donnell100%13,6961,937
Perry Terrence O`Donnell100%20,5752,751
Pickaway Terrence O`Donnell100%28,1203,113
Pike Terrence O`Donnell100%16,5201,408
Portage Terrence O`Donnell100%94,9309,409
Preble Terrence O`Donnell100%26,7525,249
Putnam Terrence O`Donnell100%23,5293,917
Richland Terrence O`Donnell100%79,28811,632
Ross Terrence O`Donnell100%37,6444,358
Sandusky Terrence O`Donnell100%39,3444,304
Scioto Terrence O`Donnell100%48,6535,375
Seneca Terrence O`Donnell100%34,7125,036
Shelby Terrence O`Donnell100%28,6454,591
Stark Terrence O`Donnell100%235,66140,124
Summit Terrence O`Donnell100%338,58831,910
Trumbull Terrence O`Donnell100%141,1199,060
TuscarawasTerrence O`Donnell100%55,8585,813
Union Terrence O`Donnell100%24,6334,944
Van Wert Terrence O`Donnell100%21,3714,474
Vinton Terrence O`Donnell100%8,4071,173
Warren Terrence O`Donnell100%90,76618,398
WashingtonTerrence O`Donnell100%40,2426,225
Wayne Terrence O`Donnell100%59,38711,470
Williams Terrence O`Donnell100%25,9855,239
Wood Terrence O`Donnell100%80,06611,573
Wyandot Terrence O`Donnell100%14,5352,447
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