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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Secretary of State Jon Husted Announces Details for the
Statewide Absentee Ballot Application Mailing
Husted: It’s another positive step to making voting more convenient and secure

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today outlined details of the mailing that will provide Ohio’s registered voters applications to vote absentee in the November 6 Presidential Election, creating fairness across the state for the first time since no-fault absentee voting was introduced in Ohio.

“Voting by mail is secure, convenient and because we expect many Ohioans will take advantage of this option, it will make Election Day run more smoothly,” Secretary Husted said. “Making it easier for Ohio voters to cast their ballots by mail will reduce the chance of long lines at the polls.”

The statewide mailing will go out in two installments – one that will arrive in mailboxes just after Labor Day and cover Ohioans on the voter rolls as of July 30, 2012. The second mailing will be sent during the first week of October to bring in those who register to vote or update their voting information in subsequent months. Secretary Husted wants to ensure Ohio voters have adequate time to cast and return their ballots, and to give boards of elections as much lead time as possible to process applications prior to the start of the absentee voting period on October 2, 2012 (35 days prior to the general election).

For security reasons, applications will be personalized to each registered voter at the voting address they have on file. Voters must complete the forms by providing valid identification, their date of birth and signature before returning the application to their county board of elections in the return envelope provided.

The statewide mailing will be the first of its kind since Ohio’s no-fault absentee voting law was adopted in 2006, allowing eligible voters to vote by mail. In past elections, boards of elections, primarily in large urban counties, have proactively sent absentee ballot applications to voters in their counties. However, not all of the 88 county boards of elections have had the resources to conduct these mailings. This has created a disparity in access and opportunity from county to county.

“All Ohio voters should have the same opportunities and options to participate in the election regardless of where they live,” Secretary Husted said. “I urge all Ohioans who plan to participate in the election to do their part by registering to vote and making sure their voting information is current this summer, so they will receive their vote-by-mail application.”

For more information about the 2012 election, visit www.MyOhioVote.com.


For more information, please contact Matt McClellan at 614-995-2168 or mmcclellan@ohiosecretaryofstate.gov.


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