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2012 Directives

Directive No. Date Released Title
2012-58 December 5 EAC Survey
2012-57 December 5 Annual Report of Expenses of the Board
2012-56 November 20 Post Election Audits
2012-55 November 3
Mandatory Review of Directives Prior to Election Day
2012-54 November 2

Determining the Validity of Provisional Ballots and the Modified NEOCH Consent Decree

Rescinded by Dir 2014-20

2012-53 October 29 Additional Valid Changes of Address Submitted by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
2012-52 October 24 Recount Procedures
2012-51 October 24 Official Canvass and Report Forms for November 6, 2012 General Election
2012-50 October 16 Uniform Days and Hours for In-Person Absentee Voting from November 3, 2012 through November 5, 2012
2012-49 October 4 Unofficial Canvass - November 6, 2012 General Election
2012-48-2 October 23

Contacting Absentee Voters

Rescinded by Dir 2014-18

2012-48 October 3

Contacting Absentee Voters

Rescinded by Dir 2014-18

2012-47 September 25 Campaign Contributions by Medicaid Providers to Candidates for Attorney General or Prosecuting Attorney
2012-46 September 14 Security of Board of Elections Office, Security, Proper Storage, and Transport of Voting Equipment, Ballots, and Election Data Media
2012-45 September 13 State Issue 2 - Revised Ballot Language and Instructions
2012-44 September 11

SEIU v. Husted

Rescinded by Dir2012-54
2012-43 September 10 Eligibility of Former Ohio Residents to Vote in a Presidential Election
2012-42 September 7 Obama for America v. Husted
2012-41 September 6 Candidates for President and Vice President; Write-In Candidates
2012-40 September 4

Obama Decision: Voting Hours

Rescinded by Dir2012-42

2012-39 August 24 Candidates for Statewide Office
2012-38 August 17 Ballot Proofing Requirements
2012-37 August 17 Ballot Quantities
2012-36 August 17

In Person Absentee Voting Eligibility Verification

Rescinded by Dir 2014-18

2012-35 August 15 In Person Absentee Voting Days and Hours
2012-34 August 15 Ballot Layout Instructions
2012-33 Aug. 9 Instructions Regarding the Examination and Verification of Nominating Petitions From Independent Joint Candidates for President and Vice-President
2012-32 Aug. 9 Online Change of Address System
2012-31 Aug. 8 General Election Ballot - Order of Offices and Issues
2012-30 Aug. 2 Pre-Election Voter Challenges
2012-29 Aug. 2
Polling Location Conduct and Media Access
2012-28 July 27 Supplemental Petition Proposing an Amendment to the Ohio Constitution
2012-27 July 12 Backup Optical Scan Ballots for Voters in Counties using DRE Voting Machines
2012-26 July 12

Absentee Voting

Rescinded by Dir 2014-18

2012-25 July 5 Review of Petitions Proposing an Amendment to the Ohio Constitution
2012-24 June 22 Preparation for the Statewide Mailing of Absentee Ballot Applications for the November 6, 2012 General Election
2012-23 June 13 Minimum Qualifications for Directors and Deputy Directors
2012-22 June 13 Remaking Optical Scan Ballots
2012-21-2 October 29 Observers
2012-21 June 13 Observers
2012-20 May 25


Rescinded by Dir 2014-19

2012-19 May 18 Ensuring a More Accurate and Efficient Statewide Voter Registration Database

 by Dir2013-08
2012-18 May 18 Using the ‘STEVE’ Database to Cancel Voter Records of Deceased Ohioans
2012-17 May 18 Maximum Duplicate Voter Record Threshold
2012-16 May 18 Revisions to BMV and SSA Voter Records Information Verification Program
2012-15 April 27 Mandatory Training for Precinct Election Officials
2012-14 April 21 Election Administration Plans
2012-13 March 22 Instructions Regarding the Examination and Verification of Nominating Petitions from Independent Candidates for Statewide Office
2012-12 February 24 Post-Election Audits
2012-11 February 17

Recount Procedures

Replaced by Dir 2012-52

2012-10 February 3

Official Canvass and Support Forms for the March 6, 2012 Primary Election

2012-09 January 31

Access to Polling Locations and Verification of Accessible Polling Locations

Replaced by Dir 2014-29

2012-08 January 25 Unofficial Canvass - March 6, 2012 Primary Elections
2012-07 January 21 Supplemental petition proposing an addition to the Ohio Revised Code

2012-06 January 20 Reminder to Boards of Elections to Comply with the NEOCH Consent Decree and Post Required Notices
2012-05 January 17 Addition of William M. O'Neill as a Candidate for Ohio Supreme Court
2012-04 January 12

Backup Optical Scan Ballots for Voters in Counties Using DRE Voting Machines as Their Election Day Voting System for the March 6, 2012 Primary Election

Rescinded by Dir2012-27

2012-03 January 11 First Choice for President for March 6, 2012 Primary Election Ballot
2012-02 January 4

Candidates for U.S. Senator and Justice of the Supreme Court

2012-01 January 4

Determining the Validity of Provisional Ballots

Rescinded by Dir2012-54
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