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2008 Directives

Directive No. Date Released Title
2008-122 December 22 EAC Survey: 2006-2008
2008-121 December 19 Provisional Statistics
2008-120 December 19 Reimbursement of Costs of Training Poll Workers
2008-119 December 16 2008 Annual Report
2008-118 December 5 Ohio Supreme Court Opinion 2008-Ohio-6333 (Franklin County)
2008-117 November 21 Recount Procedures
2008-116 November 18 Directive Issued to Court Order – Reasonable Accommodation for Disabled Absentee Voters who are Homebound
2008-115 November 17 Official Canvass- 11th Congressional District – November 18, 2008 Special Congressional Election
2008-114 November 14 Board Members' Duty to Attend Emergency Meetings
2008-113 November 14 Post Election Audits for November 4, 2008 General Election
2008-112 November 14 Unofficial Report – 11th District – November 18, 2008, Special Congressional Election
2008-111 November 13 Official Canvass and Report Forms for November 4 General Election
2008-110 November 4

Ensuring Voter Intent Is Carried Out In Precinct-Based Optical Scan Counties

Rescinded by Dir2012-22

2008-109 November 3

Notifying Voters of Absentee Ballot ID Envelope Errors

Rescinded by Dir2012-26

2008-108 November 2 Ballots to be Included in Unofficial Canvass
2008-107 October 31

Offering Optical Scan Ballots in the Event of Long Lines

Rescinded by Dir2012-27

2008-106 October 31 Instructions for Processing and Scanning Optical Scan Regular Ballots Placed in the Emergency/Auxiliary Ballot Bin
2008-105 October 31 Unofficial Canvass – for the November 4, 2008 General Election
2008-104 October 30

Guidelines for Identifying and Rectifying Sharing Violations Errors During Upload

Rescinded by Dir2010-70

2008-103 October 28 Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order
2008-102 October 24 Processing Duplicate Voter Registrations and Identifying Deceased Registered Voters
2008-101 October 24

Guidelines for Determining the Validity of Provisional Ballots

Rescinded by Dir2012-06

2008-100 October 22

Voter Eligibility and Challenges Regarding Absentee Ballots Based Upon Data Discrepancies from Federal and State Database Matches

Rescinded by Dir2010-94

2008-99 October 22

Election Day Voter Challenges and Provisional Voting Based Upon Failure to Match information on the Statewide Voter Registration Database with Bureau of Motor Vehicles and/or Social Security Administration Records

Rescinded by Dir2010-69

2008-98 October 21 Official Canvass- 11th Congressional District - October 14, 2008 Special Congressional Democratic Primary Election
2008-97 October 17

Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order-Observers During In-Person Absentee Voting

Rescinded by Dir2012-21

2008-96 October 14

Mandatory duty of boards of elections to conduct investigations relating to election integrity and to resident qualifications of electors and to report the findings of such investigations to the Secretary of State and county prosecutors

Rescinded by Dir2010-102

2008-95   Unofficial Report - 11th District - October 14, 2008, Special Congressional Democratic Primary Election
2008-94   Supplemental State Issue Petition - Proposing a Partial Referendum of Sub. H.B. 545
2008-93 October 2 Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order
2008-92 September 11 Effect of Am. Sub. H.B. 350 in Issuance of Directives
2008-91 September 11

Ballots Issued to In Person Absentee Voters During the Five-Day "Overlap" Period

Rescinded by Dir2012-26

2008-90 September 11 Pre-Election Tests of Central Tabulation Systems
2008-89 September 11 Logic and Accuracy Testing (L&A) of Voting Machines and Public Test
2008-88 September 11 Polling Location Checklist for Polling Place Supplies
2008-87 September 9 Posting Summary Statements of Precinct Elections Results at Polling Locations
2008-86 September 9 Procedures for Handling Optical Scan Ballots When a Ballot Box is at or Near Capacity Prior to the Close of the Polls
2008-85 September 9 Instructions for Closing the Polls and Reconciliation of Paper Ballots for Tabulation
2008-84 September 8 Candidates for State Board of Education, County Court Judge and Write-Ins
2008-83 September 8 2008 General Election Ballots
2008-82 September 5

Guidelines for Absentee Voting

Rescinded by Dir2010-93, Dir2010-68

2008-81 September 5 Guidelines for Provisional Voting
2008-80 September 5 Voter Identification Requirements
2008-79 September 5

Required Procedures in Administering Voter Challenge Statutes, R.C. 3503.24 and 3505.19

Rescinded by Dir2012-30 

2008-78 September 4 Eligibility of Former Ohio Residents to Vote in Presidential General Election in Ohio

Rescinded by Dir2012-43
2008-77 September 4 Minimum requirements and best practices for poll worker training
2008-76 September 3 State Issue Petition - Proposing a Partial Referendum of Sub. H.B. 545
2008-75   Special Congressional Election to fill vacancy in Ohio's 11th Congressional District due to death of U.S. Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones
2008-74 August 26 County Board of Elections Security and Risk Mitigation Plan
2008-73 August 26

Minimum Security Requirements of Vote Tabulation Servers

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-72 August 26

Internet Access, Networking, Installing or Downloading Software, and Modem Access on Voting Equipment

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-71 August 25 Nominating Petition of Richard A. Duncan and Robert C. Culbertson for President and Vice President, Respectively
2008-70 August 25 Nominating Petition of Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez for President and Vice President, Respectively 
2008-69 August 21

Remake of Optical Scan Ballot

Rescinded by Dir2012-22

2008-68 August 18

Voting Machine Delivery Requirements

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-67 August 15 Procedures for Processing Absent Voter's Ballots Prior to Election Day
2008-66 August 15 Instructions to Voters for Absent Voter Ballots
2008-65 August 13 Precinct Polling Location Arrangement and Diagram for Counties Using DREs
2008-64 August 13 Guidelines for Voting Machine Acquisition and Allocation
2008-63 August 13 Processing Voter Registration Applications Received the Week Immediately Preceding a Voter Registration Deadline
2008-62 August 13 State Issue Petition - Supplemental Initiative Petition - Proposing a Statute - Paid Sick Leave for Ohio Employees (Healthy Families Act) 
2008-61 August 13 State Issue Petition - Proposing a Constitutional Amendment - Casino Petition
2008-60 Aug. 1 Procedures for Court Orders
2008-59 July 25

Optical Scan Ballots for Voters in Counties Using DRE Voting Machines

Rescinded by Dir2012-27

2008-58 July 23 Nominating Petition of James N. Clymer and Chuck Baldwin for President and Vice Presdent, Respectively
2008-57 July 21

Minimum Security, Access, Inventory Control, Storage and Preservation Requirementsfor Ballots and Election Data Media

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-56 July 21

Security of Boards of Elections Offices as well as the Minimum Storage, Security, Access and Inventory Control Requirements for Voting Systems Equipment at the Board of Elections Office

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-55 July 18 R.C. 3501.19 Notices of Elections Implementation of Appropriation for Absentee Ballot Applications in Am, Sub. H.B. 562
2008-54 July 18

Voting Machine Key Card Management

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-53   Procedures to List Previously-Affiliated Voters Where No Party Affiliation was recorded at March 4, 2008 Primary Election
2008-52   Complying with Secretary of State's Procedures for Processing Duplicate Voter Registrations
2008-51   Poll Worker Compensation Increased under State and Federal Law

Standards for Establishing an Alternate Polling Location for Absentee Voting

Rescinded by Dir2012-26

2008-49   Initial filing of petition on proposed referendum on Section 3 of Sub. H.B. 545
2008-48   New filing of petition on proposed referendum on Sub H.B. 545

Prohibiting the Outsourcing of Mailing of Absentee Ballots

Rescinded by Dir2012-26

2008-46   Petition of Robert M. Owens - Unexpired Term for Ohio Attorney General 
2008-45   Initial filing of petition on proposed referendum on Sub. H.B. 545

Verification of Handicapped Accessible Polling Locations

Rescinded by Dir2012-09

2008-43   Survey – Post Election Audits for the March 4, 2008 Primary Election
2008-42   Party Affiliation Of Voters Not Signing #10-W or #10-X Forms or Where No Party Ballot Was Recorded For Previously Affiliated Voter
2008-41   Central and Executive Committee Reports
2008-40   Recount Procedures
2008-39   Post-Election Audits
2008-38   Primary Official Canvass
2008-37   Certain Precincts Remaining Open Until 9:00 p.m. Pursuant to Federal Court Order and No Reporting of Results for the March 4 Primary Election Until 9:00 p.m.
2008-36   Polls Remaining Open until 9:00 p.m. in Sandusky County and No Reporting of Results until 9:00 p.m.
2008-35   Sandusky County Only
2008-34   Manual Hand Count Procedures
2008-33   Mid-Day Pickups on Election Day
2008-32   Unofficial Canvass
2008-31 Feb. 28 Reorganization Meeting
2008-30 Feb. 27 Ballot Shortages or Machine Failures
2008-29 Feb. 25


Rescinded by Dir2012-21

2008-28 Feb. 20 Logic and Accuracy Testing
2008-27 Feb. 20 Pollworker Compensation Rule
2008-26 Feb. 19

Procedures For Processing Absent Voter’s Ballots Prior to Election Day

Rescinded by Dir2012-26

2008-25 Feb. 19

Polling Place Security and Voting Equipment, Supplies and/or Ballots Chain of Custody Form

Rescinded by Dir2012-46

2008-24 Feb. 19 Survey- Transport of Ballots and Voting Equipment
2008-23 Feb. 6 Annual Reports
2008-22 Feb. 5 17-Year-Old Voters in the March 4 Primary Election
2008-21 Feb. 4 Optical Scan Ballots - Central Count
2008-20 Feb. 4 Withdrawn Candidates
2008-19 Jan. 29 Reporting Forms for Primary Candidates
2008-18 Jan. 18 Presidential Primary Ballots
2008-17 Jan. 14 New Deadline for Voting System Survey Questions
2008-16 Jan. 7 Petition of Delegates and Alternates for Mike Huckabee - Republican
2008-15 Jan. 7 Petition of Delegates and Alternates for Mitt Romney - Republican
2008-14 Jan. 7 Petition of Delegates and Alternates for Ron Paul - Republican
2008-13 Jan. 7 Petition of Delegates and Alternates for Rudy Giuliani - Republican
2008-12 Jan. 7 Petition of Delegates and Alternates for Fred Thompson - Republican
2008-11 Jan. 7 Petition of Frances A. Netting - Delegate for Bill Richardson - Democratic
2008-10 Jan. 7 Petition of Matthew A. Trafis - Delegate for Dennis Kucinich - Democratic
2008-09 Jan. 7 Petition of Ted Strickland - Delegate for Hillary Clinton - Democratic
2009-08 Jan. 7 Petition of Joseph D. Russo: Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Democratic
2008-07 Jan. 7 Petition of Peter M. Sikora: Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Democratic
2008-06 Jan. 7 Petition of Eric H. Kearney - Delegate for Barack Obama - Democratic
2008-05 Jan. 7 Petition of M. Joyce Patton - Delegate for John Edwards - Democratic
2008-04 Jan. 7 Petition of Maureen O'Connor: Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Republican
2008-03 Jan. 7 Petition of Evelyn L. Stratton: Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Republican
2008-02 Jan. 4 Required Board Meeting - Voting System Questions
2008-01 Jan. 2

Optical Scan Ballots for Voters in Counties using DREs

Rescinded by Dir2012-27

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