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Republican County Judge of Court of Common Pleas: March 4, 2008

Official Results


CountyTerm CommencesCourtCandidateVote
Adams  No Race 
Allen February 9, 2009Probate*Deb  Drexler6,586
   Tammie  Hursh5,672
Ashland February 11, 2009Probate*Damian J. Vercillo5,860
Ashtabula February 9, 2009GeneralNo Candidate 
Athens February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Robert W. Stewart2,709
Auglaize February 8, 2009General*Mark E. Spees4,277
Belmont February 9, 2009Probate*John Mark Costine3,487
Brown February 9, 2009General*Scott T. Gusweiler3,907
 February 9, 2009ProbateNo Candidate 
Butler January 1, 2009General*Andrew  Nastoff24,767
 January 3, 2009General*Charles  Pater26,057
 February 9, 2009Domestic*Michael  Sage26,083
 January 2, 2009Juvenile*Ronald R. Craft25,963
 February 9, 2009Probate*Randy T. Rogers26,258
Carroll February 9, 2009Probate*Sean Rh Smith3,008
Champaign February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile/DomesticWilliam F. Denkewalter1,930
   Vincent  Foulk1,397
   *Lori L. Reisinger2,987
 February 10, 2009Probate/Juvenile/Domestic*Brett A. Gilbert2,279
   Darrell L. Heckman1,846
   Richard A. Meyer2,069
Clark February 9, 2009Probate*Richard  Carey12,586
Clermont February 10, 2009Probate*Stephanie A. Wyler20,196
Clinton February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*G. Allen Gano5,032
Columbiana February 9, 2009Probate*Thomas M. Baronzzi7,662
Coshocton February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*David W. Burns3,137
Crawford February 9, 2009General*Russell B. Wiseman3,827
 February 2, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Cuyahoga January 3, 2009General*Robert C. McClelland36,817
 January 10, 2009General*Richard J. McMonagle40,130
 February 9, 2009General*Sam A. Zingale37,350
 February 9, 2009Probate*Kathleen Ann Sutula40,710
Darke February 2, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Defiance February 9, 2009General*Joseph N. Schmenk3,706
 February 9, 2009Probate*Jeffrey A. Strausbaugh4,001
Delaware February 9, 2009General*W. Duncan Whitney17,266
 February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Ken  Spicer16,685
Erie February 9, 2009GeneralNo Candidate 
Fairfield February 9, 2009General*Chris Allan Martin15,061
 February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Steven O. Williams15,830
Fayette February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Nancy D. Hammond3,301
Franklin January 1, 2009General*Daniel T. Hogan56,970
 February 9, 2009General*David W. Fais56,591
 July 1, 2009General*Richard S. Sheward54,840
 January 2, 2009Domestic*Dana Suzanne Preisse54,866
 February 9, 2009Probate*Lawrence A. Belskis55,602
Fulton February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Michael J. Bumb4,245
Gallia February 2, 2009Probate/JuvenileWilliam S. Medley1,835
   *Thomas S. Moulton, Jr.2,877
Geauga February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Charles E. Henry7,766
Greene January 2, 2009General*Stephen A. Wolaver17,410
 January 1, 2009Domestic*Steven L. Hurley16,899
 February 9, 2009Probate*Robert A. Hagler17,151
Guernsey February 9, 2009Probate*Robert S. Moorehead, Jr.3,436
Hamilton January 1, 2009General*Melba D. Marsh49,464
 January 2, 2009General*Norbert A. Nadel53,708
 January 4, 2009General*Pat  DeWine45,539
   Kathy  King26,299
 February 9, 2009General*Robert C. Winkler52,560
 February 10, 2009General*Fred  Nelson45,668
 February 11, 2009General*Beth A. Myers45,661
 February 12, 2009General*Ethna Marie Cooper44,116
 February 13, 2009General*Charles J. Kubicki, Jr.44,867
 July 1, 2009Domestic*Beth  Mattingly45,864
 January 3, 2009Drug*Kim Wilson Burke45,743
 February 14, 2009Juvenile*Karla J. Grady46,814
 February 9, 2009Probate*James  Cissell51,044
Hancock January 1, 2009General*Joseph H. Niemeyer9,425
 February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Allan H. Davis8,917
Hardin February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*James S. Rapp3,556
Harrison February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Matthew Paul Puskarich1,273
April 18, 2009
General No Candidate  
Henry  No Race 
Highland February 9, 2009General*Fred J. Beery3,526
   Jeffrey J. Hoskins1,355
 February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Kevin L. Greer4,146
Hocking February 2, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Holmes February 9, 2009General/Domestic*Thomas D. White3,202
 February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Tom  Lee3,181
Huron February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Tim  Cardwell3,529
Jackson February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Stephen D. Michael3,044
Jefferson February 9, 2009Probate*Samuel W. Kerr3,903
Knox February 2, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Lake January 5, 2009General*Randi  Lehoty13,102
 January 4, 2009Juvenile*Karen D. Lawson9,849
   James R. O'Leary8,612
 February 9, 2009ProbateNo Candidate 
Lawrence February 9, 2009Juvenile*David  Payne5,917
Licking February 9, 2009General*Thomas M Marcelain16,668
 January 1, 2009DomesticDouglas E. Sassen7,266
   *Richard P. Wright11,037
 February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Robert H. Hoover16,475
Logan February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile/Domestic*Michael L. Brady2,684
   Steven R. Fansler2,311
   Linda  MacGillivray2,267
Lorain February 9, 2009DomesticNo Candidate 
Lucas February 9, 2009ProbateNo Candidate 
  GeneralGene A. Zmuda18,621
Madison February 9, 2009Probate*Glenn S. Hamilton2,665
   R. David Picken2,414
Mahoning January 2, 2009General*Maureen A. Sweeney7,793
 February 9, 2009General*R. Scott Krichbuam9,021
 February 9, 2009Probate*Scott D. Hunter8,310
Marion February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile/Domestic*Bob  Fragale5,435
Medina February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*John J. Lohn14,024
Meigs February 9, 2009Probate*L. Scott  Powell3,171
Mercer February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Mary Pat Zitter3,802
Miami February 9, 2009General*Robert J. Lindeman12,632
 February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*W. McGregor Dixon, Jr.11,525
Monroe February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Montgomery January 3, 2009General*Dennis  Adkins31,196
 July 1, 2009General*Michael T. Hall32,476
 July 2, 2009General*Mary Kate Huffman31,187
 January 2, 2011General - Unexpired*Margaret M. Quinn30,691
 February 9, 2009Probate*Alice O. McCollum31,222
Morgan February 9, 2009General*Danny W. Favreau1,940
Morrow  No Race 
Muskingum January 1, 2009General*Mark C. Fleegle9,712
 January 2, 2009Domestic*Jeffrey A. Hooper9,843
 February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Joseph A. Gormley9,691
Noble April 18, 2009General/Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Ottawa February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Paulding  No Race 
Perry July 7, 2010General*Dean L. Wilson2,914
 February 8, 2009Probate/Juvenile*David L. Humphrey2,518
Pickaway February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Pike February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Portage January 1, 2009General*John A. Enlow7,597
 February 9, 2009ProbateNo Candidate 
Preble February 2, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Wilfrid Gavin Dues5,039
Putnam February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Richland February 9, 2009ProbateNo Candidate 
Ross February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Richard G. Ward5,041
Sandusky January 1, 2009General*John P. Dewey3,933
   Jon M. Ickes3,173
 February 10, 2009General*Barbara J. Ansted3,569
   Timothy F. Braun2,590
   Cynthia Ann Doss908
 February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileBarry W. Bova1,659
   *Brad  Smith5,323
Scioto January 1, 2009General*William T. Marshall4,896
 February 10, 2009General*Howard H. Harcha, III4,951
 February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*James W. Kirsch4,712
Seneca February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileKathryn E.M. Hanson528
   Susan M. Jones1,279
   Jennifer L. Kahler938
   *Jay A. Meyer2,936
   Kent D. Nord1,110
   Jeffry J. Stockner1,392
Shelby February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*William R. Zimmerman4,384
Stark January 1, 2009General*Charles E. Brown29,572
 January 4, 2009General*Jean A. Madden25,866
 February 9, 2009Probate*Dixie  Park26,130
   David E. Stucki12,801
Summit January 2, 2009General*Brenda Burnham Unruh26,432
 January 3, 2009General*Lynne S. Callahan26,053
 January 5, 2009General*Alison  McCarty25,276
 January 6, 2009General*John E. Holcomb24,855
 February 9, 2009General*Judy  Hunter25,412
 May 1, 2009GeneralDavid P. Drew11,568
   *Tom  Parker15,550
 January 4, 2009Domestic*Edna J. Boyle24,436
 January 1, 2009Juvenile*Katarina  Cook25,158
 February 9, 2009Probate*Bill  Spicer26,000
Trumbull February 9, 2009Probate*Thomas A. Swift9,517
Tuscarawas February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Union February 9, 2009General*Don  Fraser3,638
   Jeffery M. Holtschulte1,238
   Dorothy  Liggett-Pelanda3,187
 February 9, 2009Probate/JuvenileNo Candidate 
Van Wert February 9, 2009Probate*Rex D. Fortney3,719
Vinton February 9, 2009Juvenile*N. Robert Grillo1,336
Warren February 9, 2009General*James L. Flannery21,127
 February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Mike  Powell21,029
Washington February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Timothy A. Williams5,958
Wayne February 9, 2009Probate*Raymond E. Leisy10,510
Williams February 9, 2009Probate/Juvenile*Steven R. Bird3,677
Wood January 2, 2009General*Alan R. Mayberry9,852
 February 9, 2009Probate*David E. Woessner9,471
Wyandot  No Race 
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