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Republican President At-Large: March 7, 2000

Official Tabulation
CountyCandidatePercentage of Precincts ReportingNumber of Registered VotersVotes
Adams Alan Keyes100%17,175114
 Gary Bauer100%17,17547
 George Bush100%17,1752,786
 John Mccain100%17,1751,099
 Steve Forbes100%17,17558
Allen Alan Keyes100%67,0301,001
 Gary Bauer100%67,030109
 George Bush100%67,03013,463
 John Mccain100%67,0303,872
 Steve Forbes100%67,030107
Ashland Alan Keyes100%29,542451
 Gary Bauer100%29,54248
 George Bush100%29,5425,511
 John Mccain100%29,5422,820
 Steve Forbes100%29,54282
Ashtabula Alan Keyes100%64,436667
 Gary Bauer100%64,43682
 George Bush100%64,4366,324
 John Mccain100%64,4363,890
 Steve Forbes100%64,43686
Athens Alan Keyes100%44,934210
 Gary Bauer100%44,93423
 George Bush100%44,9342,777
 John Mccain100%44,9341,963
 Steve Forbes100%44,93441
Auglaize Alan Keyes100%27,485347
 Gary Bauer100%27,48555
 George Bush100%27,4855,107
 John Mccain100%27,4852,030
 Steve Forbes100%27,48554
Belmont Alan Keyes100%50,748276
 Gary Bauer100%50,74818
 George Bush100%50,7483,015
 John Mccain100%50,7481,696
 Steve Forbes100%50,74846
Brown Alan Keyes100%25,602130
 Gary Bauer100%25,60234
 George Bush100%25,6022,923
 John Mccain100%25,6021,418
 Steve Forbes100%25,60228
Butler Alan Keyes100%202,3011,435
 Gary Bauer100%202,301209
 George Bush100%202,30128,495
 John Mccain100%202,30116,044
 Steve Forbes100%202,301259
Carroll Alan Keyes100%23,150241
 Gary Bauer100%23,15026
 George Bush100%23,1502,451
 John Mccain100%23,1501,506
 Steve Forbes100%23,15035
Champaign Alan Keyes100%26,053261
 Gary Bauer100%26,05350
 George Bush100%26,0534,355
 John Mccain100%26,0532,670
 Steve Forbes100%26,05364
Clark Alan Keyes100%86,837666
 Gary Bauer100%86,837109
 George Bush100%86,83710,800
 John Mccain100%86,8376,881
 Steve Forbes100%86,837195
Clermont Alan Keyes100%110,500732
 Gary Bauer100%110,50082
 George Bush100%110,50015,141
 John Mccain100%110,5009,165
 Steve Forbes100%110,500120
Clinton Alan Keyes100%23,754229
 Gary Bauer100%23,75427
 George Bush100%23,7544,090
 John Mccain100%23,7543,073
 Steve Forbes100%23,75441
ColumbianaAlan Keyes100%71,817591
 Gary Bauer100%71,81757
 George Bush100%71,8177,983
 John Mccain100%71,8174,602
 Steve Forbes100%71,817127
Coshocton Alan Keyes100%20,112233
 Gary Bauer100%20,11230
 George Bush100%20,1123,678
 John Mccain100%20,1122,242
 Steve Forbes100%20,11266
Crawford Alan Keyes100%30,561332
 Gary Bauer100%30,56135
 George Bush100%30,5614,174
 John Mccain100%30,5611,950
 Steve Forbes100%30,56165
Cuyahoga Alan Keyes100%973,1144,579
 Gary Bauer100%973,114457
 George Bush100%973,11456,928
 John Mccain100%973,11453,317
 Steve Forbes100%973,114579
Darke Alan Keyes100%35,168329
 Gary Bauer100%35,16862
 George Bush100%35,1686,191
 John Mccain100%35,1683,250
 Steve Forbes100%35,168137
Defiance Alan Keyes100%24,997216
 Gary Bauer100%24,99723
 George Bush100%24,9973,393
 John Mccain100%24,9971,774
 Steve Forbes100%24,99738
Delaware Alan Keyes100%72,005817
 Gary Bauer100%72,00577
 George Bush100%72,00513,243
 John Mccain100%72,0057,704
 Steve Forbes100%72,00592
Erie Alan Keyes100%53,461511
 Gary Bauer100%53,46153
 George Bush100%53,4615,945
 John Mccain100%53,4614,119
 Steve Forbes100%53,46162
Fairfield Alan Keyes100%77,040819
 Gary Bauer100%77,040134
 George Bush100%77,04015,135
 John Mccain100%77,0408,686
 Steve Forbes100%77,040200
Fayette Alan Keyes100%14,198118
 Gary Bauer100%14,19816
 George Bush100%14,1982,649
 John Mccain100%14,1981,611
 Steve Forbes100%14,19825
Franklin Alan Keyes100%633,1574,211
 Gary Bauer100%633,157360
 George Bush100%633,15767,844
 John Mccain100%633,15741,805
 Steve Forbes100%633,157578
Fulton Alan Keyes100%26,849248
 Gary Bauer100%26,84956
 George Bush100%26,8494,861
 John Mccain100%26,8492,431
 Steve Forbes100%26,84957
Gallia Alan Keyes100%20,857164
 Gary Bauer100%20,85730
 George Bush100%20,8573,288
 John Mccain100%20,8571,423
 Steve Forbes100%20,85778
Geauga Alan Keyes100%59,086773
 Gary Bauer100%59,08655
 George Bush100%59,0868,629
 John Mccain100%59,0866,710
 Steve Forbes100%59,08665
Greene Alan Keyes100%96,630969
 Gary Bauer100%96,63088
 George Bush100%96,63014,066
 John Mccain100%96,6309,352
 Steve Forbes100%96,630114
Guernsey Alan Keyes100%20,332239
 Gary Bauer100%20,33217
 George Bush100%20,3322,979
 John Mccain100%20,3321,696
 Steve Forbes100%20,33241
Hamilton Alan Keyes100%560,9593,618
 Gary Bauer100%560,959356
 George Bush100%560,95965,370
 John Mccain100%560,95943,562
 Steve Forbes100%560,959566
Hancock Alan Keyes100%44,344639
 Gary Bauer100%44,34454
 George Bush100%44,3449,653
 John Mccain100%44,3444,144
 Steve Forbes100%44,34477
Hardin Alan Keyes100%19,228164
 Gary Bauer100%19,22859
 George Bush100%19,2283,164
 John Mccain100%19,2281,428
 Steve Forbes100%19,22895
Harrison Alan Keyes100%11,05790
 Gary Bauer100%11,05710
 George Bush100%11,0571,144
 John Mccain100%11,057578
 Steve Forbes100%11,05730
Henry Alan Keyes100%18,940150
 Gary Bauer100%18,94021
 George Bush100%18,9402,939
 John Mccain100%18,9401,524
 Steve Forbes100%18,94033
Highland Alan Keyes100%23,611171
 Gary Bauer100%23,61126
 George Bush100%23,6113,718
 John Mccain100%23,6112,178
 Steve Forbes100%23,61143
Hocking Alan Keyes100%16,027133
 Gary Bauer100%16,02717
 George Bush100%16,0271,693
 John Mccain100%16,027983
 Steve Forbes100%16,02716
Holmes Alan Keyes100%16,179223
 Gary Bauer100%16,17926
 George Bush100%16,1792,766
 John Mccain100%16,179994
 Steve Forbes100%16,17928
Huron Alan Keyes100%34,291272
 Gary Bauer100%34,29170
 George Bush100%34,2913,781
 John Mccain100%34,2912,131
 Steve Forbes100%34,29140
Jackson Alan Keyes100%22,778129
 Gary Bauer100%22,77845
 George Bush100%22,7783,795
 John Mccain100%22,7782,546
 Steve Forbes100%22,77893
Jefferson Alan Keyes100%53,803778
 Gary Bauer100%53,80333
 George Bush100%53,8033,498
 John Mccain100%53,8031,886
 Steve Forbes100%53,80375
Knox Alan Keyes100%33,369408
 Gary Bauer100%33,36946
 George Bush100%33,3695,684
 John Mccain100%33,3693,039
 Steve Forbes100%33,36957
Lake Alan Keyes100%147,0231,644
 Gary Bauer100%147,02362
 George Bush100%147,02314,322
 John Mccain100%147,02311,119
 Steve Forbes100%147,023119
Lawrence Alan Keyes100%43,710245
 Gary Bauer100%43,71052
 George Bush100%43,7104,962
 John Mccain100%43,7102,122
 Steve Forbes100%43,71057
Licking Alan Keyes100%94,064864
 Gary Bauer100%94,06498
 George Bush100%94,06414,478
 John Mccain100%94,0648,496
 Steve Forbes100%94,064158
Logan Alan Keyes100%29,350301
 Gary Bauer100%29,35055
 George Bush100%29,3505,304
 John Mccain100%29,3502,892
 Steve Forbes100%29,35078
Lorain Alan Keyes100%178,775964
 Gary Bauer100%178,775105
 George Bush100%178,77514,106
 John Mccain100%178,77510,610
 Steve Forbes100%178,775139
Lucas Alan Keyes100%287,4611,477
 Gary Bauer100%287,461158
 George Bush100%287,46124,051
 John Mccain100%287,46114,316
 Steve Forbes100%287,461335
Madison Alan Keyes100%21,880214
 Gary Bauer100%21,88023
 George Bush100%21,8803,613
 John Mccain100%21,8802,028
 Steve Forbes100%21,88038
Mahoning Alan Keyes100%173,959773
 Gary Bauer100%173,95952
 George Bush100%173,95910,041
 John Mccain100%173,9596,574
 Steve Forbes100%173,959109
Marion Alan Keyes100%40,653317
 Gary Bauer100%40,65350
 George Bush100%40,6535,615
 John Mccain100%40,6533,006
 Steve Forbes100%40,65374
Medina Alan Keyes100%97,3801,031
 Gary Bauer100%97,380116
 George Bush100%97,38011,775
 John Mccain100%97,3809,731
 Steve Forbes100%97,380122
Meigs Alan Keyes100%15,830126
 Gary Bauer100%15,83048
 George Bush100%15,8302,921
 John Mccain100%15,8301,556
 Steve Forbes100%15,83051
Mercer Alan Keyes100%24,970246
 Gary Bauer100%24,97046
 George Bush100%24,9704,245
 John Mccain100%24,9702,039
 Steve Forbes100%24,97079
Miami Alan Keyes100%74,737679
 Gary Bauer100%74,73755
 George Bush100%74,73710,226
 John Mccain100%74,7376,449
 Steve Forbes100%74,73786
Monroe Alan Keyes100%10,96458
 Gary Bauer100%10,96417
 George Bush100%10,964768
 John Mccain100%10,964360
 Steve Forbes100%10,96421
MontgomeryAlan Keyes100%354,8592,551
 Gary Bauer100%354,859200
 George Bush100%354,85938,515
 John Mccain100%354,85925,137
 Steve Forbes100%354,859284
Morgan Alan Keyes100%9,290143
 Gary Bauer100%9,29031
 George Bush100%9,2902,146
 John Mccain100%9,2901,368
 Steve Forbes100%9,29051
Morrow Alan Keyes100%23,044198
 Gary Bauer100%23,04431
 George Bush100%23,0443,365
 John Mccain100%23,0441,645
 Steve Forbes100%23,04447
Muskingum Alan Keyes100%53,131371
 Gary Bauer100%53,13143
 George Bush100%53,1316,343
 John Mccain100%53,1313,705
 Steve Forbes100%53,13176
Noble Alan Keyes100%8,24397
 Gary Bauer100%8,24316
 George Bush100%8,2431,385
 John Mccain100%8,243698
 Steve Forbes100%8,24320
Ottawa Alan Keyes100%27,645150
 Gary Bauer100%27,6454
 George Bush100%27,6452,953
 John Mccain100%27,6451,853
 Steve Forbes100%27,64524
Paulding Alan Keyes100%13,696114
 Gary Bauer100%13,69629
 George Bush100%13,6961,807
 John Mccain100%13,696747
 Steve Forbes100%13,69622
Perry Alan Keyes100%20,575115
 Gary Bauer100%20,57521
 George Bush100%20,5752,462
 John Mccain100%20,5751,411
 Steve Forbes100%20,57533
Pickaway Alan Keyes100%28,120181
 Gary Bauer100%28,12027
 George Bush100%28,1203,655
 John Mccain100%28,1201,777
 Steve Forbes100%28,12027
Pike Alan Keyes100%16,52067
 Gary Bauer100%16,5208
 George Bush100%16,5201,347
 John Mccain100%16,520599
 Steve Forbes100%16,52017
Portage Alan Keyes100%94,930644
 Gary Bauer100%94,93082
 George Bush100%94,9307,564
 John Mccain100%94,9307,101
 Steve Forbes100%94,93086
Preble Alan Keyes100%26,752255
 Gary Bauer100%26,75244
 George Bush100%26,7524,568
 John Mccain100%26,7522,613
 Steve Forbes100%26,75267
Putnam Alan Keyes100%23,529295
 Gary Bauer100%23,52934
 George Bush100%23,5294,608
 John Mccain100%23,5291,372
 Steve Forbes100%23,52966
Richland Alan Keyes100%79,288894
 Gary Bauer100%79,28887
 George Bush100%79,28810,656
 John Mccain100%79,2884,644
 Steve Forbes100%79,288110
Ross Alan Keyes100%37,644278
 Gary Bauer100%37,64425
 George Bush100%37,6444,727
 John Mccain100%37,6442,661
 Steve Forbes100%37,64450
Sandusky Alan Keyes100%39,344289
 Gary Bauer100%39,34433
 George Bush100%39,3445,081
 John Mccain100%39,3443,068
 Steve Forbes100%39,34452
Scioto Alan Keyes100%48,653281
 Gary Bauer100%48,65362
 George Bush100%48,6534,881
 John Mccain100%48,6532,263
 Steve Forbes100%48,65353
Seneca Alan Keyes100%34,712292
 Gary Bauer100%34,71236
 George Bush100%34,7125,190
 John Mccain100%34,7122,848
 Steve Forbes100%34,71276
Shelby Alan Keyes100%28,645308
 Gary Bauer100%28,64528
 George Bush100%28,6454,292
 John Mccain100%28,6452,196
 Steve Forbes100%28,64543
Stark Alan Keyes100%235,6612,741
 Gary Bauer100%235,661281
 George Bush100%235,66129,235
 John Mccain100%235,66121,232
 Steve Forbes100%235,661395
Summit Alan Keyes100%338,5882,737
 Gary Bauer100%338,588269
 George Bush100%338,58829,064
 John Mccain100%338,58828,775
 Steve Forbes100%338,588328
Trumbull Alan Keyes100%141,119813
 Gary Bauer100%141,11997
 George Bush100%141,1199,585
 John Mccain100%141,1196,515
 Steve Forbes100%141,119122
TuscarawasAlan Keyes100%55,858410
 Gary Bauer100%55,85843
 George Bush100%55,8584,784
 John Mccain100%55,8582,650
 Steve Forbes100%55,85862
Union Alan Keyes100%24,633259
 Gary Bauer100%24,63337
 George Bush100%24,6334,874
 John Mccain100%24,6332,429
 Steve Forbes100%24,63338
Van Wert Alan Keyes100%21,371220
 Gary Bauer100%21,37144
 George Bush100%21,3713,988
 John Mccain100%21,3711,655
 Steve Forbes100%21,37151
Vinton Alan Keyes100%8,40758
 Gary Bauer100%8,40712
 George Bush100%8,4071,203
 John Mccain100%8,407604
 Steve Forbes100%8,40715
Warren Alan Keyes100%90,766915
 Gary Bauer100%90,76687
 George Bush100%90,76617,019
 John Mccain100%90,7669,458
 Steve Forbes100%90,766136
WashingtonAlan Keyes100%40,242399
 Gary Bauer100%40,24237
 George Bush100%40,2426,344
 John Mccain100%40,2423,203
 Steve Forbes100%40,24284
Wayne Alan Keyes100%59,387669
 Gary Bauer100%59,38795
 George Bush100%59,3879,482
 John Mccain100%59,3875,255
 Steve Forbes100%59,387111
Williams Alan Keyes100%25,985247
 Gary Bauer100%25,98555
 George Bush100%25,9854,775
 John Mccain100%25,9852,996
 Steve Forbes100%25,985101
Wood Alan Keyes100%80,066512
 Gary Bauer100%80,06675
 George Bush100%80,06610,182
 John Mccain100%80,0665,893
 Steve Forbes100%80,06696
Wyandot Alan Keyes100%14,535140
 Gary Bauer100%14,53527
 George Bush100%14,5352,433
 John Mccain100%14,5351,329
 Steve Forbes100%14,53532
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