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Democratic Ohio Supreme Court - Term beginning 1/1/2001: March 7, 2000

Official Tabulation
CountyCandidatePercentage of Precincts ReportingNumber of Registered VotersVotes
Adams James Brogan100%17,175589
 Timothy Black100%17,175975
Allen James Brogan100%67,0302,644
 Timothy Black100%67,0302,729
Ashland James Brogan100%29,542980
 Timothy Black100%29,5421,532
Ashtabula James Brogan100%64,4363,554
 Timothy Black100%64,4364,870
Athens James Brogan100%44,9342,646
 Timothy Black100%44,9342,066
Auglaize James Brogan100%27,4851,000
 Timothy Black100%27,4851,090
Belmont James Brogan100%50,7484,762
 Timothy Black100%50,7486,229
Brown James Brogan100%25,6021,165
 Timothy Black100%25,6021,989
Butler James Brogan100%202,3014,593
 Timothy Black100%202,3016,016
Carroll James Brogan100%23,1501,133
 Timothy Black100%23,1501,141
Champaign James Brogan100%26,053937
 Timothy Black100%26,053875
Clark James Brogan100%86,8375,034
 Timothy Black100%86,8375,066
Clermont James Brogan100%110,5002,241
 Timothy Black100%110,5002,618
Clinton James Brogan100%23,754565
 Timothy Black100%23,754652
ColumbianaJames Brogan100%71,8175,331
 Timothy Black100%71,8176,021
Coshocton James Brogan100%20,112713
 Timothy Black100%20,1121,009
Crawford James Brogan100%30,5611,468
 Timothy Black100%30,5611,579
Cuyahoga James Brogan100%973,11449,698
 Timothy Black100%973,11474,842
Darke James Brogan100%35,1681,917
 Timothy Black100%35,1681,264
Defiance James Brogan100%24,997853
 Timothy Black100%24,997822
Delaware James Brogan100%72,0051,807
 Timothy Black100%72,0051,815
Erie James Brogan100%53,4613,315
 Timothy Black100%53,4613,808
Fairfield James Brogan100%77,0402,748
 Timothy Black100%77,0403,475
Fayette James Brogan100%14,198375
 Timothy Black100%14,198501
Franklin James Brogan100%633,15718,704
 Timothy Black100%633,15723,731
Fulton James Brogan100%26,849707
 Timothy Black100%26,849749
Gallia James Brogan100%20,857675
 Timothy Black100%20,8571,112
Geauga James Brogan100%59,0861,842
 Timothy Black100%59,0862,780
Greene James Brogan100%96,6303,966
 Timothy Black100%96,6302,937
Guernsey James Brogan100%20,332812
 Timothy Black100%20,3321,576
Hamilton James Brogan100%560,95914,415
 Timothy Black100%560,95926,108
Hancock James Brogan100%44,344929
 Timothy Black100%44,3441,017
Hardin James Brogan100%19,228445
 Timothy Black100%19,228678
Harrison James Brogan100%11,0571,201
 Timothy Black100%11,0571,732
Henry James Brogan100%18,940473
 Timothy Black100%18,940578
Highland James Brogan100%23,611663
 Timothy Black100%23,611915
Hocking James Brogan100%16,027810
 Timothy Black100%16,027904
Holmes James Brogan100%16,179335
 Timothy Black100%16,179620
Huron James Brogan100%34,2911,203
 Timothy Black100%34,2911,485
Jackson James Brogan100%22,778543
 Timothy Black100%22,778767
Jefferson James Brogan100%53,8036,087
 Timothy Black100%53,8035,834
Knox James Brogan100%33,369881
 Timothy Black100%33,3691,218
Lake James Brogan100%147,0235,870
 Timothy Black100%147,0237,296
Lawrence James Brogan100%43,7101,441
 Timothy Black100%43,7102,609
Licking James Brogan100%94,0643,616
 Timothy Black100%94,0644,718
Logan James Brogan100%29,350822
 Timothy Black100%29,350916
Lorain James Brogan100%178,7759,722
 Timothy Black100%178,77512,944
Lucas James Brogan100%287,4618,860
 Timothy Black100%287,4618,024
Madison James Brogan100%21,880723
 Timothy Black100%21,880698
Mahoning James Brogan100%173,95924,774
 Timothy Black100%173,95925,363
Marion James Brogan100%40,6531,812
 Timothy Black100%40,6532,595
Medina James Brogan100%97,3803,372
 Timothy Black100%97,3804,453
Meigs James Brogan100%15,830748
 Timothy Black100%15,830780
Mercer James Brogan100%24,9701,389
 Timothy Black100%24,9701,426
Miami James Brogan100%74,7373,013
 Timothy Black100%74,7371,761
Monroe James Brogan100%10,964975
 Timothy Black100%10,9641,680
MontgomeryJames Brogan100%354,85925,649
 Timothy Black100%354,85911,716
Morgan James Brogan100%9,290297
 Timothy Black100%9,290482
Morrow James Brogan100%23,044753
 Timothy Black100%23,044967
Muskingum James Brogan100%53,1311,513
 Timothy Black100%53,1312,256
Noble James Brogan100%8,243505
 Timothy Black100%8,243991
Ottawa James Brogan100%27,6451,196
 Timothy Black100%27,6451,449
Paulding James Brogan100%13,696514
 Timothy Black100%13,696741
Perry James Brogan100%20,575965
 Timothy Black100%20,5751,329
Pickaway James Brogan100%28,120874
 Timothy Black100%28,1201,013
Pike James Brogan100%16,520695
 Timothy Black100%16,5201,485
Portage James Brogan100%94,9305,101
 Timothy Black100%94,9306,337
Preble James Brogan100%26,7521,000
 Timothy Black100%26,752896
Putnam James Brogan100%23,5291,271
 Timothy Black100%23,5291,341
Richland James Brogan100%79,2883,437
 Timothy Black100%79,2884,228
Ross James Brogan100%37,6441,335
 Timothy Black100%37,6442,095
Sandusky James Brogan100%39,3441,557
 Timothy Black100%39,3441,986
Scioto James Brogan100%48,6532,144
 Timothy Black100%48,6533,115
Seneca James Brogan100%34,7121,480
 Timothy Black100%34,7122,092
Shelby James Brogan100%28,6452,178
 Timothy Black100%28,6452,370
Stark James Brogan100%235,66117,891
 Timothy Black100%235,66118,229
Summit James Brogan100%338,58817,869
 Timothy Black100%338,58822,246
Trumbull James Brogan100%141,11915,503
 Timothy Black100%141,11919,841
TuscarawasJames Brogan100%55,8584,443
 Timothy Black100%55,8586,218
Union James Brogan100%24,633629
 Timothy Black100%24,633668
Van Wert James Brogan100%21,371623
 Timothy Black100%21,371996
Vinton James Brogan100%8,407460
 Timothy Black100%8,407718
Warren James Brogan100%90,7662,526
 Timothy Black100%90,7661,935
WashingtonJames Brogan100%40,2421,439
 Timothy Black100%40,2422,173
Wayne James Brogan100%59,3871,994
 Timothy Black100%59,3872,994
Williams James Brogan100%25,985505
 Timothy Black100%25,985741
Wood James Brogan100%80,0663,290
 Timothy Black100%80,0663,265
Wyandot James Brogan100%14,535501
 Timothy Black100%14,535707
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