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Request a Business Report

 Monthly Report Request

Specific Report Request 

 Monthly Report Request

Corporation listings are offered on a monthly basis. Customers can receive these listings by CD, or via E-mail. The listings are usually distributed in the CSV (Comma Separated Value) format; however, customers may request the listings in the PDF or Text format. We do not offer a list of trade names or fictitious names. There is currently no fee for the listings. All listings are offered on an on-going basis (one month minimum) and will be submitted to the customer each month. Below is a breakdown of the types of listings we offer and the details of each.
Please Note: Phone numbers are not a part of the Secretary of State records.

Click here to request a report online

Listing TypeDetails Include
Statewide New Corporations Listing Includes
  • WI0010R: New Foreign Licenses (For-Profit)
  • WI0030R: New Foreign Licenses (Nonprofit)
  • WI0040R: New Foreign Licenses (Professional)
  • WI0050R: New Domestic Corporations (For-Profit)
  • WI0070R: New Domestic Corporations (Nonprofit)
  • WI0080R: New Domestic Corporations (Professional)
  • WI0090R: New Foreign Limited Liability Companies
  • WI0100R: New Domestic Limited Liability Companies
  • WI0110R: New Foreign Limited Partnerships
  • WI0120R: New Domestic Limited Partnerships


  1. Charter Number
  2. Corporation Name
  3. Statutory Agent Name
  4. Filer Name
  5. Incorporator Name(s)
  6. Share information
  7. Document Number
  8. Date of Incorporation
  9. Statutory Agency Address
  10. Filer Address
  11. Type of Corporation

County New Corporation Report Includes

  • WI0055R: New Domestic Corporations (For-Profit)
  • WI0075R: New Domestic Corporations (Nonprofit)
  • WI0085R: New Domestic Corporations (Professional)
  1. Charter Number
  2. Corporation Name
  3. Statutory Agent Name
  4. File Name
  5. Incorporator Name(s)
  6. Share Information
  7. Document Number
  8. Date of Incorporation
  9. Statutory Agency Address
  10. Type of Corporation

Amendment Listing Report Includes

  • WI0210R: New Mergers & Consolidations
  • WI0220R: New Dissolutions, Surrenders, Withdrawals
  • WI0230R: New Secretary of State Cancellations
  • WI0240R: New Reinstatements
  • WI0250R: New Amendments, Corrections and Restatements
  1. Charter Number
  2. Corporation Name
  3. Filer's Name
  4. Document Number
  5. Filed Date
  6. Type of Filing

Service Mark & Trademark Listing Report Includes

  • WI0160R: New Service Marks
  • WI0170R: New Trademarks
  • WI0270R: New Trademarks Subsequent Filings
  • WI0280R: New Service Mark Subsequent Filings
  1. Charter Number
  2. Corporation Name
  3. Filer's Name
  4. Document Number
  5. Filed Date
  6. Type of Filing

Specific Report Request

You may also submit a specific report request. Specific requests contain specific data (ex. sorting by churches in a specific county or all non-profit corporations for the last year). There is also no fee for a specific report request. Specific requests offer the same delivery methods as monthly reports, either by E-mail or CD.

Monthly reports or specific report requests may be submitted by US mail, in person, or by E-mail.

US mailIn personRequest a report online
Ohio Secretary of State
Attention: Business Reports
180 E. Broad Street
16th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215.
Client Service Center
180 East Broad Street
Ground Floor (Suite 103)
Columbus, OH 43215

Report requests, monthly or specific, must include
1. The type of listing requested, (i.e. Statewide, County, etc)
2. The preferred format, (i.e., Excel, PDF, CSV),
3. The method of distribution, CD or E-mail
4. A mailing address for reports on CD or an email address for reports by email.

If you have any questions, please E-mail us.

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