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Setting up and Using a Prepayment Account

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Faxable Use FormDeposit FormReconciling Your Account
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Contacting UsForms 

Prepayment Account Application:


Submission of the Application form (PDF) and signed contract (PDF) with an initial deposit of at least $500 begins the process of establishing a Prepayment Account. The Business Name, Attention Line and Business Address will be reflected on the system as the company and person submitting the filings. If both Corporate (Business Entity) and UCC filings will be submitted to the Secretary of State, and you wish to use the Prepayment method for both, two applications with minimum deposits for each will need to be submitted to establish separate accounts (one for Corporate (Business entity) filings and one for UCC Filings) with one signed agreement (covering either or both accounts).

Prepayment Account Use Form:

The Prepayment Account Use Form (PDF) is used in place of the normal correspondence form for filings being submitted when the fees are to be deducted from the Prepayment Account. The form must have the Business Name, Address and Contact information, as well as the Prepayment Account Number and the number of filings being submitted with the form. Number of filings listed must be accurate for SOS to process the filings.

For Prepayment Account Customers: Any filings that are submitted to the Secretary of State’s office without the Prepayment Account Use Form (PDF) included will be returned for "no payment."

Account Number

The Prepayment Account number is confidential, and as such, should be guarded from unauthorized access to the number and use of the form. You may elect to customize the electronic version of the Prepayment Account Use Form(PDF) with company logo, business name, attention line and business address for your company. It is the responsibility of the Account Holder to limit access to the Account Number and Prepayment Account Use Form (PDF). In addition, the Account Holder has the responsibility to monitor the activity on the account usage and notify the Secretary of State of any discrepancies within forty-five (45) days of posting. (Please refer to reconciling your account.)

Prepayment Account Faxable Use Form

The Prepayment Account Faxable Use Form(PDF) is used in place of a normal Fax cover sheet and the regular Prepayment Account Use Form (PDF), when an order is faxed to the Secretary of State’s office and fees for the filing(s) are to be deducted from your Prepayment Account. The typed form must contain the Business Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Fax Number and e-mail Address of the Prepayment Account customer. The Prepayment Account Number and number of certificate, copy requests or corporate filings must be included as well. For corporate filings only, orders should be faxed in separately for Expedite and Non-Expedite filing requests. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and certificate/copy orders cannot be expedited. The Corporate / Business copy and certificate customers can also designate whether they are picking up the order at the Client Service Center or prefer to have it mailed to the address indicated on the form.

Fax service for submitting orders or filings is available only to Prepayment Account Holders. All faxed orders have to be sent to the fax number indicated on the Prepayment Account Faxable Use Form (PDF). Orders faxed to any other number may not be processed in a timely manner. All faxed orders have to be submitted with either the Prepayment Account Faxable Use Form (PDF) or a Prepayment Account Use Form (PDF) and a fax cover sheet of the customer’s choosing. Also, please be aware that faxed in certificate/copy orders, corporate filings and UCC filings do not take precedent over orders received by the U.S. Mail or dropped off over the counter at the Client Service Center. All orders will be processed in the order that they are received.

Prepayment Account Fax (PDF) orders can be faxed to 614-485-7045 only. All information on the Prepayment Account Faxable Use Form (PDF) and attached filings and orders MUST BE TYPED; handwritten filings will not be accepted by fax. All typed requests must be legible when received by our office. Faxed documents received that are not legible will be returned to sender without being processed. You will be contacted by the Secretary of State’s office on any illegible faxed documents received that cannot be processed.

The guidelines instituted for the Prepayment Account Use Form(PDF) concerning expedite procedures, reconciling your account, Account Number confidentiality and customizing the Use form apply to the Prepayment Account Faxable Use Form(PDF), as well.

Prepayment Account Deposit Form:

You can deposit additional funds to your Prepayment Account at any time. To deposit funds, fill out the Prepayment Account Deposit form (PDF) and submit it with your check, money order or cash payment. Cash can only be accepted at the Client Service Center (180 E. Broad St., Suite 103; Columbus, OH 43215). Please do NOT mail cash. Checks may be sent Express Mail or U.S. Mail to:

Secretary of State’s Office, Business Services Division,
ATTENTION: Prepayment Deposits
180 E. Broad Street,
Columbus, OH 43215

The Prepayment Account Deposit Form (PDF) must contain the Business Name, Address, Contact Information, Prepayment Account Number and the amount being deposited. The Prepayment Account Number is confidential, and as such, should be guarded from unauthorized access to the number and use of the form. You may elect to customize the electronic version of thePrepayment Account Deposit Form (PDF) with company logo, Business Name, Attention Line and Business Address for your company.

Deposits submitted without a Prepayment Account Deposit Form (PDF) will be returned.

It is the responsibility of the Account Holder to ensure that there are sufficient funds in the Prepayment Account to cover all of the fees and services requested. When the balance reaches the designated minimum balance, as listed on your application, the Account Holder will receive a message when logging into the Web site to his/her specific Prepayment Account (after entering User Name and Password). Filings will not be processed without sufficient funds in the account (i.e. overdrawing the account will not be allowed). Filings will be processed until funds are depleted before being rejected for no payment.

Reconciling Your Account:

It is the responsibility of the Prepayment Account Holder to monitor and reconcile the account. Account information may be obtained from the Secretary of State’s Web enabled Prepayment System.

Input your User Name and Password and then select UCC Activity History, Corp Activity History (Business Entity); or Deposits. Then enter the date range you wish to review (expand or restrict the dates as desired). You can then access your account information, showing the account history: Posting Date, Transaction Type (deduction or deposit), Document Type (i.e. UCC1 or Trade Name - Original Filing), the Document Identification Number (DIN), Name of the Business or Debtor Name (for UCC), change in account (deductions or deposits) and the Account Balance. The Account Holder can use this information to reconcile the charges deducted and deposits posted to the account with their own records. Any discrepancies must be reported to the Secretary of State’s office within 45 days of posting.

Changing Your Password:

Once a Password has been established, the Primary or Secondary contact may change the Password through the Secretary of State’s Web enabled Prepayment System. Select the option for PREPAYMENT ACCOUNTS; then select Change Password, and follow the instructions.

Inactive Account Status:

Prepayment Accounts that have not had activity for over six months may be considered inactive and subject to being closed. A notice will be sent to the Primary and Secondary contacts prior to closing the account. [See Closing Your Account procedures below.]

Closing Your Account:

To close your account, you may either e-mail us or visit the Client Service Center. Every effort will be made to process a warrant for closed accounts that have funds over $10 within 60 days of closing. Balances of $10 or less will not be refunded. These rules also apply to accounts that are closed by the Secretary of State’s Office due to Inactive Account status.

Communication with Business Services:

If you have questions about setting up, using or reconciling a Prepayment Account, please e-mail us for assistance. Please indicate your phone number in the e-mail if you would like a return call for assistance. Or, you may call toll free 1-877-SOS-FILE and ask for assistance with Prepayment Accounts.

Since messages from Business Services will generally be sent to the e-mail address provided on the Application for Primary and Secondary contacts, please advise us of any change in Primary or Secondary Contact information, e-mail addresses, Phone Numbers, Company Name or Company Address.

Prepayment Account Forms



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